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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Rise of Crom

Revenge. That one word coursed through Crom’s mind. He wanted revenge on all the god’s. The thought of them staring at him as he was locked in his fortress prison brought rage to his mind. But most of all he wanted revenge on the heroes. He had been all ready to rise again; his army was ready, the Blackstones even had the incantation prepared which would shatter his prison using the might of the dragon Aggragorath. But then the first wave of heroes attacked. They slammed into his eyes, destroyed his wraiths, kelpies, and trees. And then in a desperate two pronged attack they slaughtered Blackstones while a group of their elite attacked Aggragorath. They had won. The escape that had been years in the making was foiled. But now, three years later, it was finally time. The elite soldiers who had kept his forces at bay had moved on. Using the powers he had, Crom watched them as they finally left the Otherworld, marching into Carrowmore to deal with the threat of Mordris. Then Hrungnir fell before them. Finally, even the powerful Necromancer, and the four servants of Donn had fallen before their blades. They had left the defense of the Otherworld to lesser heroes who came and went like the wind. His power had slowly grown. And now it was time. The Blackstones had found another power source, one dropped by the mighty Necromancer himself. They were preparing the incantation. He would finally rise again!

Korgan Blackstone looked on as the Blackstone Invokers moved into position. Soon it would be time for him to give his life for the master. As the Invokers formed a circle, he strode into the middle, holding in his hand a powerful orb taken from the Necromancer. They began to chant.

Jowan Steelhand heard the chanting and watched from his post, wondering what the insidious Blackstones were up to. Pulling out his huge mace he walked towards the bridge, batting aside the Blackstones who tried to stop him. What he saw made his blood run cold. Linus Blackstone was standing in the middle of many Blackstone invokers. But he wasn’t moving, no more than that. He was as rigid as a statue. All of a sudden Linus let out a bone chilling scream. Twin beams of light shot from his eyes at the castle. They stopped, apparently hitting an invisible barrier. Jowan began to run, scattering Blackstones. But then the barrier shattered. Jowan was blown backward. Linus collapsed in a heap of clothes. Thunder boomed menacingly. Jowan looked up and saw something huge rising from the castle. “No” he thought, “It couldn’t be….” And then he thought no more.

Crom rose, looking around him. All the pent up emotions he had during his long imprisonment escaped.
I....AM....FREE!!!! he roared. The cry echoed throughout every part of Dal Riata, above or below, chilling every hero, noble, and commoner to the bone. A new era had begun.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

^^^^^496 words including title.
Psalm 46:10 He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."


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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Erinbella10 wrote:
Lord4042 wrote:Based on a true story...well, a mix of my noob days...
The adventure to Crookback Hollow(around 300-400 words :/)
Once upon a time, I was a little mage, by the age of 15, after I learnt the basics of mage battle, I decided to step out of Farcrag castle, I thought i was ready to take on the world, but I was wrong...

I asked Eustace the scout about the places I can go to, and he kept talking about the compass, I ignored him and asked him again about the places I can go to, he told me that theres a village named Highshore village to the east...

As I went there, I found a small pack of wolves and I decided to hide near the bushes, somehow a brown rabbit saw me hiding and he was staring at me, I tried to scare him off, and the wolves saw me and they chased me, I hid near Broon the mage, and he called a huge storm of fire and wiped them all out! How amazing! He taught me a few things, including how to make a huge shield of energy, I thanked him then I saw a blacksmith, he didn't tell me his name, but instead he gave me some armor and weapons...

I stepped out Highshore and I found a weird creature, in the shape of a horse, a flaming dark horse, called Nightmare...
I ran away and he chased me into the village, then i remembered what Broon taught me, I used my energy shield spell and cloak of fire, then the Nightmare broke my shield with one hit, then out of nowhere, when I was near death, huge icicles fell from the sky, killing the Nightmare, I didn't know from where that came from, then I continued my journey to explore Lir's reach...

I saw a pack of orange looking wolves, they chased me, I ran as fast as I can, soon then I bumped into their leader...DoomClaw, he tried to eat me alive, then from no where, smoke came, blinding Doomclaw, luckily I was closing my eyes...then a rogue came in and in a blink of an eye, he chopped off Doomclaw's head.

I ran away because I thought he would kill me next, I was wrong...instead, he gave me a tome named...Firestorm!
I studied it under a tree for several hours, I tested it on wolves, and while I was sleeping, an arrow was on top of my head, I
Quickly woke up, it was...Flintblade Bandits!

They were a lot, then I used firestorm, I thought i killed them all, but from the ashes of the dead bandits, he came...Harry flint!
I tried using firebolt...he blocked it, I tried using energy shield, he pierced through it, suddenly, he ran to me, I had a little dagger, I stabbed him...my dagger got inside him, he swung his sword against me and I crouched then I took my dagger out of him and stabbed his face...

I decided to climb up the cliff, then I slipped, from nowhere, a huge skeleton hand picked me up...
I was scared and ran away, I saw someone, I wanted to talk to him, but he had pointy ears, a big nose and green skin, he took out an dagger and tried to stab me, then an arrow got in his stomach, and he died, I thanked the ranger that helped me, but she didn't tell me her name, I wanted to go into the cave nearby, but that ranger warned me, I stepped back, and returned to farcrag castle...

(Btw, the nightmare part...when I saw him i went to castle courtyard and I was saying: 'I SAW A NIGHTMARE!!' Lol...)
But when I reached crookback, i realized it was behind the castle -______-

587 words :P

It took me a long time to make it...
I didnt count the I's and the 2 letter words :p

Fan fiction Competition

Nature's Embrace

The tunnels twisted into themselves intertwining with overgrown vines deep into the heart of Fingal's cave. Lothicia sighed in disbelief. She had been down here for nearly a day and the musky air was beginning to ruin her mood. She was under contract to map this endless maze and it was taking far longer than she had anticipated. Not that she had any real objections to anything nesting down here, but she certainly had an aversion to the relentless swarms of bats and rats that objected to her.

Being highly attuned to nature, keeping an open-mind was pivotal during these underground missions. Mother made all things, and as much as she didn't like it, hordes of vermin were included in Her divine creation.

The back of her neck shivered putting her immediately on guard. Something about this next den didn't fit. The tuffs of fur snagged on passing roots weren't mangy enough to be either rat or bat, and the pungent odor that filled her nostrils reminded her of the woods. The dank scent of humid air seemed to magnify the smell, and she drew her totem and braced herself.

Peering tentatively around the corner she could barely make out the rustic den. It was lit only by the torch that she carried and the light flickered ominously tracing shadows of imaginary shapes over well-worn roots. It was then that she saw the two bear cubs faintly in the dark playfully pawing at each other. Of course, she thought as she lowered her guard and laughed silently to herself. The smell was just amplified down here in these murky tunnels.

Suddenly there was a sharp growl behind her. She whirled and was face-to-face with a very disgruntled, very large bear. The fact that she was trespassing far too close to her cubs didn't stop her from jumping back in surprise. Common sense doesn't amount for much with a mouth full of fangs inches from your noise. Unfortunately this brought her closer to the bear cubs, inadvertently putting her right in-between an angry mother and her children.

In an ancient tongue she wove a spell to calm the great beast only to have the bear rebuttal with a great roar. The twisted tunnels echoed and restless wings rustled. It pained her greatly to raise her totem knowing full well this could have been avoided with a bit more guile.

Frantically she began to weave the signs to command the roots to grasp at the bear’s paws. The mother bear reared back on two legs avoiding much of the spell’s effect and swung striking Lothicia across her shoulder. Claws the size of daggers ripped through her sleeve nearly dislocating her arm. The pain was unbearable and she knew she had just one shot.

Biting her lip in concentration she began to chant and a tranquil wave washed over the angry matron. As the spell took effect, the mother bear disregarded her to guard her young cubs. “Bear-ly escaped”, she thought.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

I Was Once an Adventurer Like You – Until I Took an Arrow To The Knee

A merchant. A mere merchant you say? Well I’ll let you know that I am nothing of the sort! I am Quigley – Quigley the Great, Quigley the Magnificent, but certainly not just Quigley the Merchant!

The western coast wind brushed wildly across my face as I stepped aboard the Harbinger. The Harbinger was the biggest square sailed sea vessel of the west; and it was mine. The Harbinger was my pride and joy, it had taken my crew and me on many adventures and had carried many ancient artifacts and relics that marveled the world.

I was on a voyage to Pictland, in search of a sacred skull infused with mystical power, when I heard “Ship starboard side!” We all turned to starboard and gasped as we saw the ship approach. It was the Picts – the Viking of the west. They had caught wind of our success in Ulster and wanted to take our spoils. I wasn’t going to let that happen: even if Crom Cruach himself was in my way.

The Harbinger scratched against the sturdy Pict ship accompanied by a thud. The savages had boarded my Harbinger. I ran to the captain’s quarters and grabbed my Flaming Broadsword that I was given in Dal Riata by a nobleman named Richard. The two handed weapon was heavy but their wooden shields were no match for my flaming sword, setting their shields on fire somewhat like candles. One by one the Picts screamed as they hands were burned and branded by my sword.

Four crew man down and about seven Pict candles running rampant on my deck when my main mast came crashing down. Under all the commotion one of the Pict savages had managed to destroy the wooden plated support that fixed my main mast and made it collapse under the pressure. Rope and sail were flailing everywhere along the deck. In horror I watched as one of the flaming Pict candles tripped and got tangled in the flailing rigging's. A fallen sail had caught alight and soon the whole ship was engulfed in flames.

Parrying swinging swords, dodging wooden clubs I run for my loot. All of a sudden my knee was engulfed in a sharp pain and I felt a warm liquid running down my leg. I looked down and I saw a Broadhead sticking through my knee cap. My steps faltered and my knee gave way to the pressure of my body. I fell overboard into the deep blue.
I had woken up on Heroes landing gasping for air and coughing water. I got up and found that half of my priceless loot had run ashore. I picked it all up in a hurry. It was getting dark so I made my way to the castle saddened that I lost my Harbinger I came up with a plan. To sell the remains of my loot to buy a new boat.


The story is about Quigley's adventure before he had settled in Farcrag Castle as a Merchant. I liked the idea of writing as Quigley because as a player I always wondered how these luxury traders found their loot. I was always intrigued by Quigley's character mainly by he fact that there really isn't much of a back story about him. All we really know is that he likes First Name basis clientele and that you need 20k to see his magnificent wares.

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

I woke up on the shores of a beach. I was penniless. I seemed to have no possessions whatsoever. Then it me. The pirates. They took everything from me. I looked around blindly in rage for something destroy. For the first time i had a good look around. There was a lighthouse, not very far above the shoreline, an imposing castle on a hill next to a town. I rubbed my hands together. Lets get down to business. I turned to the castle. I set of at a steady pace towards the beast. As a approached the main entrance i was halted by a guard. He put his spear in front of me and said in a dead voice, "who goes there". I reply, "a merchant seeking refuge from this dreadful cold". He grudgingly opens the gates and lets me inside to the warmth and joy of civilization.
I wander aimlessly around the area near the arena, which i don't remember ever seeing. It was rather strange. I stumbled around for a while until i realized i was looking like an idiot. I got myself together and started walking with purpose to the sound of cheering and swords clashing. I enter a closed courtyard were a duel is happening. Theres a big crowd surrounding the duel observing and cheering them on. I then felt naked in the crowd as i looked at the other people. They all were wearing fancy clothes and enchanted armor. I look more closely at the duel, with a shock realizing it was Bert, my best mate who went way back. It seems that even that if you've known someone for many decades they can still stab you in the back. I was just the feeble lute player, a trusted member of the crew. It wasn't fair that i only got busted when me and Bert were stealing gold from the quartermaster, not only me. He shouldn't have spilled the beans in the first place. I was so lost in thought that when the duel ended and the crowd dispersed i wad the only one left there, staring at me. He looked at me and ran away. I felt raw tears on my cheeks. Tears of anger. I was gonna kill Bert for his crimes. It wasn't right. I just realized at that point he had ruined my life with the crew. I had to start again. I couldn't start until i had my revenge. Back to the basics for me. Tine to get my hands dirty...


I was finally ready. The langsax and sharpened sgain dubh would do the job. I went in the cover of darkness to the trapdoor that led down into the depths of the sewers. I had travelled this route many time and knew the way like the back of my hand. I had travelled to Loch Dorcha. I started sneaking by the guards and it took me 2 hours just to move 200M unseen. I had put myself in position in his tent in one of the caves coming of the immense carvern. There was a problem. Bert was not here. Thats when i felt the gripping of arms. It was bert and the quartermaster. Damn. Must've slipped up somewhere down the line and they caught whiff of my plan. I soon as i turned up to look at them i was hit in the head by the handle of a cutlass. I woke up in a cage. It was suspended over the waters of the carvern, which was filled with carnevous monsters. I had been striped of all my positions. Again. I felt the frustration and anger welling up inside me. I was bought back to reality by the of a chain grinding against the ground. I was shivering, and it wasn't just the temperature either. The captain and the rest of the crew were on the shore, watching with twisted delight on their faces. I was being lowered down in the iron cage into the sea. No walking the plank this time. Then, in a tiny spark of hope in the corner of my eye i saw a figure. He was charging at superhuman speed at the captain and the pulley. He taw through the crew and captain. In a matter of seconds, it was over. Then i saw who it was. It was Bert. Finally repaying the debt he owed me and sealing the gorge between us. He started lowering the cage. He then called out, "Use your body weight to swing the cage so i can rescue you". I did as told. When i was swinging fast enough he grabbed the cage and literally ripper the floor of. I learnt a valuable lesson that day. Mates never really truly abandon you, it just seems like that. Your never alone. Don't doubt your mates, put faith in them.

Note: Might be a bit to long. Excuse me if it is cause i used an ipod to write this and there isn a number count.

Re: Fan fiction Competition

Before you read the following: I wrote this with a few gaps for the reader to fill in and solve out of their in-game knowledge in case anyone was wondering why this post was so "gappy" :lol:

I hope you enjoy it!

Curses, preached to be blankets of dread that inflict anguish onto men and women regardless of their current state. Curses that are said to make a man so weary, that even the most protestant of people would acquiesce to its demands.

As you can imagine, this would bear great consequences to the people of Dal Riata. Farmers forgetting to feed cattle, guards forgetting to ward off thieves and kings forgetting to dictate! Such consequences would have to be dealt with immediately, before dangers embedded themselves into the vast lands which formed Dal Riata.

As one man clambered his way across border between Shalemont Ravine and Stonevale, with such alacrity, that numerous times he nearly slipped. But as he sat on the ridge gazing down over the warm orange haze that shrouded Stonevale, a dark empty feeling entered his heart making him feel cold. However, this feeling was not appeasing, neither was it encouraging. Instead, it caused him to gaze down at his marble veins as they slowly became discoloured. He felt the lust to breath. Stumbling to his feet, he watched as what was kind and cheerful, became repulsive… But never had a man felt so much power. Both you and I know that such avarice would lead to problems, however, Morden did not. The wind rustled his hair and his eyes were luminous green, he turned his head leaving the warm glaze of Stonevale, and began journeying back to Lirs Reach.

He swaggered through the gulley between Lirs Reach and Shalemont Ravine, Brazen with the knowledge of the power he’d gained. One could not resist the temptation to use this power though. Morden had always been obsessed with the “Blackstone cabal” but such organisation had never been uncovered. So whom was this man in which brusquely dismissed his servants, walked with his head so high but was yet so afraid of prying eyes that he felt were transfixed upon his back. Under the ominous green light of the temple of Belenus, Morden met with this man.
“Morden…” the hooded silhouette muttered
“My lord” Morden replied trying to sound unexcited with such an encounter
“Such dark times for Dal Riata Morden, such dark times. And yet I feel my contacting of you was but very harsh, thus I apologise.” He said calmly.
“My coming to this location was very simple my lord, I but followed the guidance that you’d given me”
“Oh no Morden, this light is not the work of me, it is what happens when the keeper of Belenus “forgets” his duty” The silhouette replied in a cruel laugh.
“Oh, so it wasn’t a signal then?” Morden asked inquisitively
“Just a hint to get you to, well turn around and see the light” he laughed.
“You know what is required of you Morden, together; we shall rule Dal riata…” He concluded before disappearing into the shadows…
Readers, we must not be complacent, but we must not fear. Our hero now lies on the beach, awaiting his call.
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Re: Fan fiction Competition


A story by Krill and Chop
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Krill and I wrote it together :D (half each)
ChopstikNinja - Regretfully Retired from Celtic Heroes
Highest rank:Top 10 or so across all servers September?? 2014
Dollars Spent: $210?? Give or take $20
World: Crom
Class: Mage
Level: 206+
Senior Publicist, The Dal Riata Enquirer

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