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Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

Hello Heroes!

We want to see your most mis-matched, ugliest, and badly worn fashion outfit that you can come up with! We will pick 19 total winners (one per server) and award each player an Unleased Teal Oni fashion set! This set has never been released and 1 lucky person from each server will get it! Any player can enter.

One entry per person. Posting more than 1 reply or using multiple forum accounts may disqualify you. You may not enter for multiple servers.

Congratulations to the following winners of our Most Hideous Costume Contest!

Arawn - Larkspur
Balor - dani255555
Belenus - Sig
Crom - Whitesrouge
Danu - Particle
Donn - Zelus
Epona - Miranda27
Fingal - lyukaszokni
Gwydion - Loading Game
Herne - Macbain
Lir - Mijador
Lugh - Mindreader
Mabon - Dakuna
Morrigan - OJrogue
Nuada - Spilt
Rhiannon - WonderStruck
Rosmerta - Taerd Dwolferin
Sulis - NoobMage
Taranis - Lucas41

Winners will receive the Unleashed Teal Oni Set via in-game mail within the next 24 hours. Thank you for all who participated in this really fun contest!

19x Unleashed Teal Oni Sets (one per server, per person).


Re: Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

iiking, 223 rogue

Edit: Changed pic since previous one contains armour pieces

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