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Re: Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

Uhmmm, hi!

Today we are presenting Cattiwen who is a level 186 Ranger on Epona.

Normally Cattiwen is quite particular about her appearance. Unfortunately a mean boggan robbed her and took all her clothing! In desperation Cattiwen had to piece together whatever she could to maintain her dignity.

First while sneaking from rock to rock she came across a boggan tribe and was able to get a hat (if that's what you want to call it) off a clothesline. Yeah, I didn't know boggans did laundry either!
Then while travelling through Fingal's cave, a kind fisherman discovered her and offered her his orange fishing shirt! Such a nice man!
Thank goodness the mean boggan didn't take her pants! It was embarrassing enough running around without a shirt!
On the way to Farcrag Castle she was discovered hiding in a bush near the Dustwither Catacombs. Not wanting anyone to see her dressed so weird... Thankfully it was a White Coven Witch who are known for their kindness! Whew! The nice witch gave her a pair of gloves to keep her hands warm! So nice!
On the final leg of her journey it was getting dark as she neared the small farming town of Highshore Village. Unable to see well in the dark poor Cattiwen accidentally walked through a field freshly laid with manure. The stinky mix of manure and mud dried quickly as she finally made it out of the field leaving the appearance from a distance of really ugly brown boots. Unless you got too close and your nose told you differently!
Finally, exhausted and embarrassed poor Cattiwen fell asleep in a bush. Waking the next morning she approached the castle and a member of the local paparazzi snapped this picture of her! So mean!


Thank you for your consideration and for not laughing at poor Cattiwen!
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