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Re: Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

Assuming I interpreted this correctly. Meaning we are only judged off of items that can be equipped in the fashion slot, so no armour, (clearly dl armour for mages easily takes the cake) mounts, or scenery, and we are only permitted one toon total regardless of how many we can log. Then I suppose ill go with a blond lanrik wig, a turquoise samurai tunic, a pair of red oni gloves, orange faewynd leggings, and a pair of pink hunter boots, for a male toon.



I regret all but three of my toons names
Apophis81 220 ICE Mage
Carnage81 216 Tank
Caster81 220 Apathetic Suport Druid
Cicero81 190 Locker
Cook81 187 Cook
Cordycepts81 205 Ranger
Cyanide81 217 Dps Druid

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