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Re: Costume Contest: Show Off Your Favorite Fashion!

My all time favorite fash has pretty much always been the green Glenmor set. When I went to Danu, a good friend gave me the Glenmor top, pants, gloves, and some green Frostguard boots, a modification that I actually don’t mind in the slightest. Adding the orange Ostara wig puts the Red in the name RagingRedhead.



In this fashion and with my trusty stallion—donned in a green barding—I am prepared to withstand the chillness of the Fall weather and face the foes that creep out from the shadows in the the nights of Samhain.

RagingRedhead, Danu

Angmar Reid—Herne—169 Warrior
RagingRedhead—Danu—186 Warrior (currently more active)
I don’t rage quit, I ginger snap.

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