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Selling Dragonlord Drops

For Reasonable Prices!

Gems: 30K ea
Eggs: 45K ea
Urns: 75K ea
Idols: 120K ea
Horns: 150K ea
Crowns: 250K ea

Full DL set (Without Weps) Requires: 4 Gems, 8 Eggs, 9 Urns, 3 Idols, 4 Horns.

Normally, that would cost 2,115,000 Gold. BUT, If you buy a Full DragonLord Set I will only charge you 1.7M!

Get Your Dragonlord Parts Today! Before they run out!

Mail :

@ Mehran

Line :

@ Mehranbow

Toon Name: Mehran

Server: Belenus

Class: Rogue

Lvl: 186

1st person to get full DL outside of top 2 clans on Belenus. Got the first 2 sets, rouge and ranger.

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