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Selling - Buying List


Lvl 150 Fiery Haste Dagger
Lvl 180 Spear
Lvl 180 Dagger
Lvl 180 Haste Dagger
80/10 Warthog Staff
95/40 Warthog Staff
70% Black Sultans Carpet
Black Party Hat
Black Woad
Sky glass Dex Bracelet (Lvl 100)
Sky glass Str Bracelet (Lvl 100)
Lvl 180 Vit Ring
Pumpkin Hat
3 Pet Tokens
Royal Giant Swing
Blue Party Hat
50 Frost Orbs
+7 Lure of Ice Event Bracelet
Kron's Bladeleaf Set (Lvl 90)
Cronarch's Iroonroot Set (Lvl 100)
Black FG Set, BP has the Sparkly Effect . No Hat.


Hunter Fashion
Lanrik Fashion
Camo Charm
Reaper Ring
End Game Rogue / Ranger Gear
Rare Mounts
Toon Name: Mehran

Server: Belenus

Class: Rogue

Lvl: 186

1st person to get full DL outside of top 2 clans on Belenus. Got the first 2 sets, rouge and ranger.

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