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Started playin Belenus actively kinda ditched my clan on epona..
dont you tell em! i even wrote a poetic clan msg.
Well anyways heyyy im Executive from Epona! Trying to get up to endgame on belenus fast as possible.
This is my second mage ever so dont judge my nooby questions later.
got some nice friends here who are already helpin me out more than i actually imagined.
Speakin of CouchPotato , Nurture , Tagus, Torgor etc.
Criminal has yet to break some rules to eh crimbob? hehe

to get to a point..
i chat alot
lvl alot
mostly nice
dirty humor wich is yet often missunderstood
and my hobby are .. well if ya got any questions Pm me ingame at Mendel,
~Josh~ aka ~Exe~
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I'm looking to change the perception of people and all of the beautiful things that it brings,-Exe2k15
Executive of Epona
Beetlejuice of Donn
Clan: Concordiia
Youtube channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1strz ... vH82nKhe4Q

Re: Recently

Aye, thats awesome. Hi from Crush the Brush
Crusher mm
Lvl 227+
Class Blunt Ammy + Axe Braces + Sword Rings = Best Warrior
Server Belenus
Proud General of Elementals

Difinitus wrote: Crushermm is the best player ever.

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