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Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

Depends when, several toons have been hacked on Belenus (well not hacked, they used OTM's restoring service to EASILY restore full details for accounts, in my clan and rival clan, accounts that were never shared), and at that time the same few scammers came back with new identity every next week. I wouldnt ignore u, unless ur 'NotACucumber'.
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Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

Crushermm wrote:If you are lvl 8 you have no real base to say any of the things you did. Invest more time into Belenus before swinging your negativity and making the whole server sound bad.

Just because I'm level 8 doesn't mean anything I've been around belenus quite awhile to see how people act and it's more than less who are rude,...it's not me swinging negativity at your server it's me stating my personal experience over time,...it would seem to me that your server is swinging the negativity to new comers and other alike

Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

Criminal wrote:
TrueHatred wrote:Mamba is from belenus lol goes to show these belenions aren't civilized

Mamba is from Rhia.

He lives on rhia now lol but he's from belenus
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