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Re: New clan uchiha

Yeah, haven't you heard ali? You're allowed to scam now, as long as it isn't a clannie.

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you need to change your sig :lol:

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Re: New clan uchiha

Alishia wrote:Lol..no scamming members? It's ok to try and scam the rest of us? Thanks for the warning:)

I dont scamm ali i gave him my real user pass till he log in my account wen i tryed to login n the fake he gave i quickly changed the pass. Then i told him forget and he kept begging me to trade accounts. That really wat happen i guess he didnt tell u that and then maybe after that i tryed to scamm him alittle but that cause he lied to me and did login to my druid ik trying to scamm him bak was the right thing to do but yeah i made that mistake. Belive wat u want but most u aint gona belive me

Re: New clan uchiha

Lol..I wasn't commenting on whatever you did or tried to do but on your posting. You stated in your rules that there is no scamming clannies. I was merely asking if that means it's ok to scam people outside of your clan. Nice to see you man up and admit what happened though:)
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