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Dexterity skill..

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:05 am
by Sageofthesixpaths
Hey belenians i was wondering of ur thoughts on the dexterity stat! As far as things go i may be blindsided on how developing this stat works because apparently its a stat that raises hit chance right? Well i have a rogue and a ranger at the same lvl (rogue 28) (ranger 27) and my rogue uses a knife at dagger ability 160 and ranger uses a bow at ranged ability 158. Now see my rogues stats are max strengh (i forget) with 5 dex 10 focus 10 vitality. And my ranger is 5 strengh max dex (forget again) 10 focus and 10 vitality.. Now here's the situation... My rogue plus my my two druids plus my two mages plus my warrior hit jus as evenly or even more than my ranger does.... I found a high lvl ranger who put most his stats in dex and still hed get a miss block dodge miss casually and a high lvl warrior who didnt even bother with dex hit many times with no miss dodge block repel in face type manouvers... So im kinda thinking is dex just for a skill boost in certain skills that a ranger and rogue mostly have? Realy seems like a crap stat to spend on honestly... Would like the thoughts of other belenians... Also to put it out there ive heard steady aim is a useless skill also and gues what? That skill upgrades ur hit chance? Am i the only one who thinks this way???

Re: Dexterity skill..

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:36 am
by Awe
dex is mostly for increasing ranger skills i think
steady aim rules
when i had it 30/30 it did 500 attack and 50 dmg