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Why is are server section so boring..,

I literally come on here everday and if im lucky i see a new post once a week... Is there people on the server who dont visit the fourms? Idk but that should change.

You should post stuff like pics of glitches so you can help fix these issues in the game and other things i can think of right now :/

Re: Why is are server section so boring..,

Then its about time we make it interesting then.. Lets post game schedules like racing around a certain area with laps and no rules meaning apart of the race have to go round the arena with no rules meaning the competitors can attack or use skills to stop or slow other players down while theres coaches in particular areas to watch the race with no faults example goin round the camp of north penn and making your way around the stone circle and at the end of the race maybe hitting at the top of the tavern first or even down to where aggra sits

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