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Farewell guys

Well after being scammed multiple times by pedobear63 (be warned) i found that all this game really gave me was somewhere to entertain myself and frustrate me to hell. I've made the decision to quit CelticHeroes as you can trust no one and instead of being the fun game i wanted it ended up being more trouble then it was worth. I know it would seem that I was stupid in trusting him but what's the point of an MMO when your "best buddies" are willing to stab you in the back for a mere 46,000 gold. It wasn't really the scamming that set me off but the fact that you can't trust anyone as said many times by admin, support, and even players. I hope that soon the Celtic Heroes community will soon become rid of all those people that ruin the game (which most likely wont happen any time soon). I hope you all have a fun time and i might show up time to time on the forums to see whats up. Who knows, maybe i might return when the game gets better, but until then farewell guys and cyall.

Edit: for (Mariner91 mainly, but also) those who came through Marc's link i should let you know that he scammed me through a transfer and like Beast said it wasn't completed which is why the mail system was relevant.
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Re: Farewell guys

cya count, i'll miss ya, we had some good times on advo :)
i sry to hear u got scammed :\
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Re: Farewell guys

lately a lot of people have been scammed. All this will be solved when the next update comes. you will be able to send mail to your alts :)

some people do get greedy and give out their info in thinking they will get free plats..etc.. don't be stupid!!

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Re: Farewell guys

Hey Count,

Very sorry to hear. I'm not sure who even let that scumbag into Uprising, but I just booted him. He promptly joined Illuminati but when I informed them what a scumbag he was, he was booted from there as well. I will spread the word and warn people. Regarding your stolen gold, please come back to the game. I feel responsible as it was a (former) who stole from you so I would be happy to reimburse you the stolen gold out of my own pocket. hope to see you again soon buddy.



Re: Farewell guys

I hope you're paying attention, alishia and darc, to see what a real leader is like. Pigtail took full responsibility even though it wasn't her fault, and decided to pay without anyone asking. She took the blame on herself for allowing pedobear to be a member of her clan. Elementals let in someone with a background of scamming, but noone thought it was their fault or offered assistance when I became the victim. I wonder why...greedy, selfish, etc
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Re: Farewell guys

I'm sorry blackmamba I had no prior knowledge that bean had a bad reputation. When this whole thing unravelled I did not know either of you well and had many people whispering to me for and against each of you. How can I make a judgement call based on that. When bean was allowed back in the clan i did boot him as I had witnessed some poor behavior (not scamming). I am not the Belenus police and if it was my responsibility to police or govern I would not be playing long. If I personally witness or can be provided with proof that someone in elementals unjustly did something to another player then I will act accordingly. Once again OT cannot add the new mail system soon enough!!
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