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Re: Left Elementals and Why;

somehow it didnt post what i wrote :O (it was damn long)
but mamba said all what i wanted to say and even better
mamba is right in everyting he just said, marcus put time on his ppl, and darc.... i think i wont say what i think about him, to not make meaningless fight
marc is doing better than darc in any way, all what darc is doing is .... nothing, getting his drops and nothing else (for my opinion at least)
even when i thought about joining elem, i tried to ask darc first about rules and drop systems and etc. i didnt join only cuz of him, and just a lil prove (well almost prove) to show that hes only the chief of this clan for drops... when i tried to sell him grand ring he first answerd "yea" when i asked if he needs, than i said 'offer' and his "offer" was : 'why do u think i need noob stuff when i got everything?' .... i dont think marc would say this, if marc had everything so his clan members would have even more
marc doesnt care about getting his drops, about lvling, about making gold, the only time he make gold is at night, when he sleep and hes farming, when hes on hes not farming hes helping his ppl, i dont think that i asked marc once for help and he didnt help, i dont think that even once he didnt help me with drop or boss or anything else when i asked, i dont think he didnt listen even once unless he had to go, if u wasnt in advo dont say hes a not an awesome leader, he got low lvls that still dont understand about the game and that u wont get free stuff if u will just walk around and ask from high lvls free stuff, thats why they're in this clan, so he'll help them to understand, even if u scammed before u joined, even if u have bad rep of ksing, even if ur not a nice ppl, he'll let u join and help u being better and to not do all those stuff, if u scammed while ur a clan member, he'll try to solve it, if u ksed, he'll talk to u and not just kick, if u did anything wrong, he'll help u to not do that again - ........ Thats a good leadership
he let ppl like gen which u all know how hes acting to join, i think its enough to know hes a good leader who takes care about everyone
and if i would send all those PM's to darc instead of marc, darc would kick me in a sec instead of listening
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Re: Left Elementals and Why;

Also mamba Marcus didn't join before me, I join the day it was made... You don't even know unfathomable of what's going on, northlander was the leader and have darc full leadership.
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Re: Left Elementals and Why;

I don't know unfathomable maybe, but ur posts leave me even more clueless with your horrible spelling, granmar, and middleschool slang. I'll shove it where the sun doesn't shine, whatever that means, but I'm not changing my mind and Marcus has shown me enough to give him my respect. Maybe if he didn't spend so much time helping people he would be a higher level and maybe even be on ur list of best friends (highest levels). Let's see him switch places with darc and see where advocate is in a week. All the high levels would have left and all the "noobs" would have been kicked.
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Re: Left Elementals and Why;

I'd love it if you would all just stop this! There are different strokes for different folks. One does not have to be right or wrong they are just different. From my point of view Marcus and darc have different goals so of course their style of leadership will vary too. Trying to argue who is best is silly as they both have different ideas of "success". Let's not bash each other simply because we have different expectations from CH.
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    Re: Left Elementals and Why;

    Noones arguing who is more successful (although I would still say Marcus is more successful at what he does), but about leadership. If your idea of a leader is a greedy high level who does not care that he harbors scammers in his clan and attempts (and fails) to ks my groups despite knowing what he is doing, yes he is a good leader. It's like saying chairman mao and hitler were good leaders: yes they're powerful and their people respect them, but what they did was wrong and they abused their power, just as darc is doing. Just as a side note, he has displayed signs of corruption in the past. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't know he is supposed to be giving away lion crests to non-clanmembers for personal gain
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