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No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

Am I the only one who really cares about low levels? Who really cares about setting up a free environment for everyone? Who cares about keeping order and discipline?

It seems like I am.

All of my friends and founding members of Advocate have left. Either because they didn't want to take the time to discipline people, or they found more lucrative opportunities.

Is there anyone out there at least a little bit selfless?

Look, I'm not in this for the high level boss drops. I'm not in this to be with high levels. If I was I would have been in one of a dozen other clans that wanted that.

I'm in this to help people. I'm in this to serve people by creating a free environment where people are treated as equals. Sure it takes discipline. But i'm not in this to get frustrated at people, I'll discipline them when needed which includes kicking.

But noone stands beside me in this goal. Like I said, everyone who I thought did left. There are like 2 people left that seem like they care a little, but I can see them leaving just as fast as all the others.

No one cares, no one has morals, all will sellout in an instant.

Where are the people that care?
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Re: No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

I'm not from Belenus, but I totally agree - I've been playing this game for over a year now and I'm only around level 90 (I don't even remember: a level is just a number to me so I don't see a point in remembering it). I really feel a bit sorry for the people who power-level through selfishness. I see Celtic Heroes as a game to interact. It doesn't matter what level you are, because the lower level may have just discovered the game after you - it's the person behind the character.

I also believe in disciplined clans - ones with clear rules that can lead everyone to success: not just one or two people. With power can come greed, and this is definitely the case for most people in my world. The exceptions are really nice people who have done so much to help others, and I hope to one day be like them. :)

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Re: No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

i dont care about every random ppl, but if i'll know a low lvl as a nice person so yes i'll care about him, i hate the low lvls (its mostly them) who asks free stuff from me cuz of my lvl, thats also a side that u didnt think about
anyway, its just how it is, if u will be higher lvl, u will be more helpful, but sometimes i prefer low lvls more than high lvls
also for bosses like aggra we need high lvls ppl, u called this greed but trying to lvl and get the best drops isnt greed, as long as u get them in the right way
tho i heard some stories from ppl in ur clan when i tried to inv them, everyone who left cuz i invited him, has a good reason even if its about low lvls
u also wanted to have strong clan, with high lvl ppl, and ur advo kings clan, so theres noone who really (but really, not just taking them to ur clan) about each random guy, i'll always prefer some high lvl like jhim on a random lvl 1 guy that i just saw for first time
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Re: No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

i do help advo even i left the clan, hehehe its hard to be a high lvl too cuz i have bout 15 million help requests evry 15 mins so i barely have time for myself and some low lvl gets mad at me when i cant come to help them cuz im helping someone and thats really hard to deal with, and like crim said i hate those random low lvls who asked for free valuable stuff but i would give them boss drops if they were asked me to kill a boss, so i do care about low lvls but they need to undrstand that they r not the only low lvl that needs help :lol:

Re: No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

There are several people that still do "care" about the low levels, and I would like to include myself in that list. No, I do not help them with even close to the magnitude in which you do, but I do try to help anyone at any level, whenever I can. My help primarily consists of helping lower levels with stats and skills, giving out drops I dont need, and helping with shalemont and stonevale quests. I am not in this for the drops, as you have pointed out most people are. I try to be a giver, not a receiver and it will remain that way. People have even said that I would be a good clan leader and said they would leave their own clan to join mine, but I do not feel ready to undertake this based on my unimpressive level and inability to provide financial support. I have found that one of my closest friends has distanced him/herself from me after they joined elementals, the clan which many people agree runs on greed. This is mainly due to my level; I have not even attempted to level my characters in quite awhile and as this person probably thinks, "if I cant help them im useless". I have discussed with many people who their favorite people/best friends are. Their lists exclusively contain people within 5 levels of them. "favorite person" should be about personality right? instead it seems to be the person who has helped them the most. I have been in countless groups in which we agreed not to let in a lower level who needed the boss for a quest. Seriously, we can't help someone complete their quest because they might be lying and not pass us the elm disc, which I need to pass to my chief to get something in return? I was actually the victim of this myself earlier. I needed pyrus to complete my quest and saw that it was up. I was the second person there in a mixed group, helping whenever I could. I promised to pass the drop yet my pleads to join the group were ignored (an elemental was in charge of the group, of course). I know a lot of people that help higher levels, but I think this is merely an attempt to suck up to them knowing they'll eventually receive benefits in return. The list of people that really go out of their way to help the "noobs" is very short: kanye neddy and pocahontas being the top 3 in my opinion. The help Neddy and pocahontas provided to help me recover from all my items being scammed was extensive, even though they knew that I can't return the favor. Whenever I group any of those three mentioned, I see that they're often already in a group consisting of level 40-70s whom they are helping. I consider Neddy to be my first friend in this game, and also the one who I can and have been able to count on the most after many months. I only regret that I am unable to repay him for everything he has done for me, and have not taken on my own "apprentice" to develop. So marcus, I hope I have persuaded you that you are not the only one, but I do agree that the number is slowly dwindling.
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Re: No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

i dont think that theres anyone who "doesnt care" about low lvls
if they ask something like a boss or help i think everyone will help
eragon asked me to help him with the quest to get piranus pot and i helped, sometimes its nice to see low lvls that admire u cuz u got cool stuff but not when they ask u free stuff "got any old sword or armour for me?" - hate that
like jhim said, well hes a lot higher than me and hes nice so a lot of ppl know him, so in that case its hard to help every low lvl, but when he says or even anyone else says "busy" and the low lvls gets mad, thats really annoying, and if they ask drop sometimes so yea i'll give them if i dont need (sometimes im not giving a gem, its just for gold anyway they got nothing to do with that)
but there r some bitchy high lvl who dont even answer low lvls or they sometimes say "not helping to XXXX" like some ppl, so thats even more annoying, u dont need to act like ur 'cool' when ur high lvl, like i wanted to get help when i was low lvl, i'll help when i can
and i also hate random ppl that send me group trade or friend req
but like i said, most of the ppl care when low lvls ask, like med, hes lvl 153 and he always help, unless hes busy like everyone else, hes helping, so its not a matter of lvl, its a matter of being a *** or not, nice ppl will help other ppl no matter whats the lvl
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Re: No one really cares, Et tu Brute?

Criminal, you proved marcus's point perfectly, arguing from the perspective of the majority. You said the only time you help a lower level is when you get called to a boss. That is not because you want to help, it is because you have a chance at getting the drop and a decent sum of money. You only have one example of helping a lower level with something besides a boss, and that is because you want to show off. "most of the ppl care when low lvls ask"? I would say that almost none do. The less it benefits them, the less of a chance they'll help. You can call a high level for stonelord and they'll come running. Tell them that stonefang is up and you are ignored. You also seem to hate random people that send group, trade, or friend requests. Well thats obvious, based on what you have said you exclusively ask for help and almost never give help. The more low levels on your friend list the more help you have to give, and that just seems so unfair doesnt it! To quote a high level, "cbf (cant be f'ed) helping, im busy atm"
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