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Re: More elucidation to Advocates purpose and proposed chang

So it is official, their is no longer a lvl req for Advocate.

This means Boss group rules are in effect for Main bosses:

Must be 30 lvls under boss to be grouped if you are a caster (Mage, Druid)

Must be 15 levels under boss to be grouped if you are a melee charecter (rouge, warrior, ranger)

EVEN if you find the boss. This can be flexible if the boss can be easily killed by the other players there and they want to invite a lower level.

New chat rules are subject to going into effect as the need arises

current chat rules are:
no begging
no spamming
no scamming

Don't invite someone to the clan that you can't take the time to help

and please get to know the other clans so you can recommend people to those clans if they would fit in better there.

And don't actively recruit people out of Coalesce :). But if they come to you wanting to join, don't deny them.
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