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Fionns saga part 2 (possibly the end)

Well not that people really care anymore, but i think that ill just right up what happened yesterday when vix logged on..
Id just set off with a group of buddies to go drag hunting (love doing that, great fun) when i saw a shout.

Vixen shouts: Im quitting so giving away free shi*t (only nothing was censored. :O naughty :P)

I thought 'i know what that "sh*t" is going to be'
so i left the cave and found vix at the tower. we started talking about the ammy and she kept saying 'i don't know what your are talking about'...
unfortunately i lagged out mid conversation (when i thought i might be getting somewhere.) And when i logged back in there was another shout,

Vixen shouts: Group me if you want to play a game, first price 100k!!

Well i knew what that meant, shes auctioning of my cammo!! so i grouped her, AND SHE REJECTED -.- Anyway i waited a bit and decided these people in the group should know what they are about to do. so i shouted things like, 'so your auctioning off my cammo, right infront of my eyes, and not giving me a chance to even buy it back!' blah blah blah. that went on for a few minutes before i got a reply

Vixen shouts: Fionn
Vixen shouts: No one give a flying f*ck!

Yeah things kinda kicked off then. But come on, who says that, some chavy wee skeet from Hampshire obviously!! Lets not go into detail about it. The next thing (s)he did was starting posing questions and giving out valuable prizes for the winner of each question. The questions were along the lines of these

"If i could kicked one person in the face right now who would it be" Obvious answers were Fionn, piggy, ali, darc but somehow the answer was Naruto, not sure how that works but ok :/

And oh thank god piggy logged in at this point !! :D As she had declared war on vix what was already a scary situation, heated up just a tad.
Luckily in the end everyone just dispersed.

But i was talking to awes this morning, he told me what happened within the group. She in fact didnt sell my cammo she "gave it to some level 34 noob" and yes what that means is she has started a new account and has kept all her very high valued items :/ so watch out guys, there will be a new player that no one has every heard of before that has all the coolest things and will level very quickly. Your not foolish me this time

sorry i got no screenshots, writing this up wasnt something i was planning to do
any questions, be my guest
Now back to my stupid essays, DONT WORRIE GUYS, ON THE 5TH AND FINAL ONE :p
Fionn dies..so you don't have to.

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