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Yay My First Aggragroth Kill!! So excited :) (Elementals)

Name: M1ke
World: Belenus
Clan: Elementals 4 Ever :)
Level: 141

Today Elementals took down Aggragroth Once again!
I've never gotten the kill during an Aggragroth Boss Fight.
Getting the kill was an amazing experience, especially
accomplishing this with my clan!!
Great Work Elementals!!
Couldn't of done without you'll :)

Home World: BELENUS!!

M1ke: 170+ Rogue
Micheal: Level 126+

Pour up drank, Shot Head drank
Sit down drank, Stand up drank
Pass out drank, Wake up drank
Faded drank, Faded drank

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJRIkbzqJTPO7mfJtNYzypg

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