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A new beginning

Hi, I have made a new clan called Coalesce. So you're wondering what that means right? It means to grow together into one body. Sounds weird right? After getting the name from KickInDeKok (thanks) I suddenly had an idea. If the meaning means to grow together into one then id make a policy that in Coalesce we treat everyone as equals. This clan is a branch clan for Advocate but I know if we can stand on our two feet, we can become strong and more independent!
Level requirement: (will be updated) level 40+ (mages and Druids), 45+ (rangers), and 50+ (warriors and rogues)
You all start at clansmen :) (unless it is an alt) guardian is level 65 and generals will be chosen by me


Re: A new beginning

good luck sir, if u need help tell me, btw dont pick generals by lvl same as marc, u need ppl u can trust them to be also clan banks
maybe talk to marcus and this clan will be instead of Defender, that way marcus can be active with advo and u will be active with lower advo
and also u can help with drops
i'll try to get some nice drops, but not discs for now
talk to me at the game i'll try to help
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Re: A new beginning

Well right now defender is 40-70 and Advocate is back to 70-150+

I kinda want to keep my specific clans with the exact same rules to make it consistent.

But I fully support coalesce so let my members know if you need any quest stuff and invite us to help you with bosses ect.

And as always let me know if any of my members is giving you trouble :)
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