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Next Advocate meetings: What is the vision of Advocate?

In the thurs and sat meetings I just want to discuss what is the goal of the Advocate group of clans (Defender, Advocate, Intercessor) and what the plan is to reach that goal.

Then after we talk about that we can revisit drops rules and leadership if anyone wants. Also we can go over other thoughts that you have.

The goal of Advocate is simple. Provide an environment where we can all help each other accomplish our goals.

To do this we need to keep each clan focused on a relatively narrow level range. Right now Defender is 40-70 focused on Defectors, easy wisp bosses, and group leveling. Advocate is lvl 70-116ish and focused on all Warden bosses, Meteoric bosses including up to Shivercowl and Spearhorn. Intercessor is currently 116-160 and is focused on deadroot, rockbelly, all Frozen, beginning of Dragon and all Otherworld bosses.

Also we need to make a free and fair drop system (see other meeting notes)

And finally we need to train up leaders. I can't be chieftan of each clan. Each clan needs a solid, regularly playing, preferably main to lead it. Ideally I would not be chief of any clans so it frees me up to help lead and direct them all.

See you Thursday at 8pm mst and sat 9am mst!
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