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A living history of Beleneus: part 2

In my last post : all the bustle in beleneus viewtopic.php?nomobile=1&f=11&t=16144

I talked about what was going on then that will go down in the history of beleneus. In the comments it was predicted that with the merger of Enigma and TheCrew under pseudo split leadership in Renesans, that if they could make it one month, they would be pretty secure of making it for the long term.

Well it looks like they only made it about 22 days, and Renesans is completley gone without a trace.

It looks like everyone from there (minus several people that left to other clans in the process) are still together and back to Enigma under the new authority of Medalon (highest level in beleneus). From what I've gathered the drop system (usually the unique and deterministic aspect of a clan) is going to be much like Elementals. Elementals is currently at ~8000 power and Enigma is roughly 4500. Advocate is at 7400ish and thesaints is around 4900.

Also since the last report a lot has happened with Advocate. Intercessor, a high level offshoot of Advocate, was started, broke up and went to GloryFighters, and broke up again (all in 2 days lol) and recombined back to intercessor.

Now they have 8 members, 950 power, and the highest average level of any clan in beleneus.

Jhimuel25 is the chieftan.

Also a partnership was made between DevilsTemplar (chieftan ReaperGirl) and Advocate. DevilsTemplar will recruit players lvl 30-80 and advocate will recruit lvl 80+ (70+ casters).

Also Alcinos started AdvocateYouth back up with his alt. This clan will be parallel to DevilsTemplar.
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