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Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

If support can give any proof of these trades then I'm more than happy to post a huge apology to vixen. My missing gear is not important as I willingly trusted another player with my stuff knowing full well it could be gone forever. It is still replaceable if I choose to rebuy it. Sad that another player was taken advantage of losing his cammo which can not be replaced. It is a hard lesson for Fionn to learn.

Vixen says s/he has contacted support and they indicated they would be giving me some type of proof of trades. It is my understanding that support does not have time to deal with trades and that's why all the built in warnings before completing a trade.

It is my deepest wish that support could help as it would either expose vixen as a lier and cheat or clear his/her name and we can all get back to the game.

Blackmamba don't let others dishonesty ruin your game :)
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    Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

    Thanks alishia, but im still not sure whether it would be worth playing again even if a conclusion is reached about vix. If it is proved she had been lying about everything so what? its not like she would ever return it. I've already made a bad enough name for myself that the only clan that really fits for me now is advocate. And thats only if I want to play still; im currently thinking of a way to quit permanently without being able to return
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    Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

    Napster wrote:SO finally people agree with me? I must be dreaming....

    Oh wait, teh usual criminal douchebag... Im not :( i wanna go back to bed

    finally someone else thinks that u got scammed and didnt scam, but still scammer is a scammer, dont try to make me look like i scammed u, cuz a lot of ppl got scammed by u and still they dont believe u =]
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    Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

    LMFAO!!! I know the lies are so bad it's almost comical, but then reality sets in and this remains sickening and this sad situation has only gotten worse. In an effort to cover this up, the Shemale Vixen make a pretty outrageous but COMPLETELY FAKE screenshot of a fake conversation he had with Fionn that shows Fionn says: I told everyone you took my ammy cause I hate you! Nobody will believe you!

    1) This was done using that trick that was going on a few months ago where everyone was changing the font and having some good laughs
    2) Everyone knows Fionn is the nicest guy in this game and does not speak like that ( also funny that people who know Vixen know he's a terrible speller and he misspelled "believe" as "believe"
    3) This phony screenshot has Dominator in the background and Vixen has just used a few skills so appears to be battling Dom while having this "chat" lmao
    4) Vixen wasnt even intelligent enough to have had Fionn whisper it and not SAY it out loud! Like this is some old James Bond film where the villain admits his evil plan that just so happens to be video recorded lol

    sad Vixen...very, very sad and sick

    Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

    BlackMamba wrote:Even if he didnt use that color font trick, I think the consensus has been established that he is a decent photoshopper and would have no trouble falsifying that image. Also, vixen is the only person I have ever known to use a space before "!" and "?"

    ik a lot of ppl that doing the same, but mostly not at CH, i dont think that space before "!" or "?" is a matter of gender or age
    but there r a lot other proves so... i guess its he and not she anymore :o
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