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Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

I am posting this simply because I do not want to see anyone else stolen from in this world. Please use caution when dealing with Vixen as he/she has a well documented past of stealing and I've witnessed firsthand how he pulls this off.

1) Join a new clan and shower people with compliments
2) Ask via clan board repeatedly to borrow items of high value for example asking over and over again "Can I please borrow someone's diamond armor?" and "Can I please borrow someone's camoflage ammy"
3) Once he has the items in question leave the clan
4) When the items are requested returned, the typical scammer responses " You weren't online so I returned the diamond armor to so-and-so...(complete lie)
And "Oh you sold me the camoflage ammy"
5) This is the best one...when people start making noise about the stolen items my all time favorite SCAMMER LIE...Vixen: "This isn't the original Vixen I bought this account so I'm not responsible, it wasn't me, blah blah blah ( I have a screen shot and many witnesses who saw him shout this response) When I advised Vixen I had a screenshot the story changed to " Ohhhh I'm just borrowing this account, the original Vixen is in childbirth (pffffffffft please, terrible lie)

Do a search , Vixen has a history of this. where there's smoke there's fire and there have been smoke bombs galore with this creep.



Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

idk maybe u should just get pics that showes that she\he scammed u, without that whoever his\her friend will believe him\her
i dont really know him\her so i prefer to see proves instead of saying "scammer" right away

and also u forgot another scammer's way to get away from this, calling u scammerl=

like u EpicSever\Napster\0andrew0\1andrew1 - stoled my skygem longblade and then said he gave 35k to thekisser instead of me and now im the scammer, next time u want to "give back" the stuff give them back to me
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Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

Pigtails wrote:I couldn't have put it better myself Shadowdemon!

i still think u should upload some pics, so everyone will believe and will know to beware from vix
and ty for letting us know i forgot writing :D
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Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

Thanks pigtail, you saved me the trouble of writing that myself. Long story short, vixen stole fionn's camo charm. He lent it to vixen and now vixen claims he never got it from fionn. He claims that support will make a post soon regarding this, providing evidence that no camo charm ever traveled from fionn's to vixen's hands. Still waiting i guess...and also vixen claims that he is pregnant and had a friend playing on his account (against ToS anyways), essentially creating a virtual scape goat. I ask vixen if not from fionn, where did he get his second camo? His response was that he had an account pre-update and bought from lux shop. Oh cool whats the character's name? "cant tell you". Vixen states here that he just started playing on the 22nd of may, or 3 days before the update on vixen, his first character. Highly doubtful that anyone would have bought a camo charm back then, with only "enough plat to get started" rather than an ammy. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12625&p=75747#p75747
Logically, fionn had been gone for several weeks and vixen believed it belonged to him now. He sold his own camo for 2 mil right before fionn asked for it back, and realizing his mistake he made up his entire story. I expose vixen for what he truly is, and now he wants an apology from me, or else he won't rejoin the clan which unfortunately I am also in. A clan member encouraged me to do it, saying that he is needed more than me so I left. If anyone wants to know, im taking a break from the game until either vixen comes up with some legitimate evidence or he returns the camo. Here's another entertaining topic you can read if I haven't garnered any support yet.
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Re: Folks of Belenus beware of Vixen

On This Episode on 16 and Pregnant
We have Vixen.
Vixen is the first male with a messed up disease called "Douchbagness" Its so very sad. But theres one thing i feel bad for. His kid. But Wtf got him pregnant... No one may ever know. Exept we all can accept the fact if the baby had a mind...(this is mean) He would abort himself xD

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