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From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

*Turns around his chair*

Oh, hello there :). Looks like you caught me musing in my 'librairie'. Come, have a seat and some scotch (you are 21 right? :D ), and let us reason together.

For our next meetings on Thursday at 8 pm MST and Saturday 9 am MST, I was thinking of addressing some fundamental yet finely crafted rules in clan Advocate.

The first rule is Drops.

This clan was started with no clan bank. This was done for many reasons, not the least of which bieng that is is really hard to coordinate who gets drops and which bank holds the drops you need, and how to go about getting what you need from that person.

I figured that everyone would just be a facet of whole and be thier own clan bank actually. You find a drop that you don't need, and figure out how to get it to someone who needs it. However as a clan gets big, this becomes hard to try to find a home for your drop, and everyone only has finite space on thier charecter.

Therefore some people (including, and perhaps preeminantly myself) recieved the responsibility from the clan to be "banks" and hold people's things they don't need in the hope to give it to those who do.

Now, the items that come into the clan bank are the clan leadership's to distribute how we see fit. Everything that does not come into the bank (all drops are voluntarily given to the bank, everyone can keep drops that fall on them if they wish) are the players to distribute, sell, or keep as they wish.

Clan bank rules:

I have formulated a method to distribute drops from the clan bank. This is quite complex, but I am trying to capture the spirit of fairness in my method.

Of items that have been in the clan bank for a while:

1. If the drop is common like earth rems, water tabs, sun and moon disks, red covers or bindings, glass rings, ect. I give out on a first come first serve basis. This means if you ask for it and I have it, I will give it to you, no questions asked. Also if we have an abundance, I will also give extras to other clans or players free as well.

2. If the drop is rare and highly demanded, I have a special procedure. (usually elm, crown, or dragon disks)

I will open it up for 2 days; everyone who asks for it (and needs it) will be given the chance to roll for it. This means they come to me (usually at farcrag) and roll thier dice once. I will record thier roll and thier level. I will then make an adjusted roll value by adding thier level to thier roll. This new value is recorded and I will keep it on record for 2 days as more people roll for it. Once the two days from the first roll is up, no more roll's will be accepted. If it is not claimed in 2 days after this it will go to the person with the next highest number and so on.

This was done to favor higher levels who still needs items (kinda stinks to be lvl 110 and need elm disks), but also giving low level players a good chance to get items that they need as well.

For Items that were fresh off a killed mob: I will elaborate on this later.

The next two points at the meeting will be 'boss group' rules, and "what does bieng a leader (guardian, general, or chieftan) mean? In future meetings I will address the promotion procedure, but it is essential to understand what a leader is before we can talk about promotion.

I will edit this post to elaborate on those additional points when I find time.

I want to take this time to thank all my generals. Each and everyone of you would make as good of a Chieftan as anyone in Beleneus. The hard work you put in to keep the members (quite numerous) in line and having fun is monumental. Keep up the good work; your labor will be rewarded, the experience invaluable, and I'm sure you have a good time doing it, as I do. :D
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Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

To make matters worse I would like to propose an addendum concerning alts.^^
As you all know it is definitely harder and more work to level your main toon (especially if it's your first) compared to alts. It takes at least until level 60 before most of us start to make a little bit more gold for gear and of course it takes some time to figure out how to level fast and how all the quests works. This is of course much easier with alts because we usually already have a mid to high level main to support and equip the alt and we have ideally figured out how to level effectively by now.
Having that in mind I suggest that we install a level threshold for alts to get scarce higher value items - like elm, crown, dragon disks and stars, mind, air, space rems/tabs as well as ow spellbooks, blue books, rings/other equipment and of course orbs, crests etc. Further I think this threshold should be 10 levels higher than our entrance level for two reasons:
First, our member's main toons should always be more important than anyone's alts and as I said it is usually harder to play mains. Because of this I think we need to favor even slow(er) leveling main toons and freshly recruited new members over mid-level alts from even well-established members.
Second, I think that the threshold should be higher for alts as a proof that said player actually takes his alt serious and will level him up to a useful level.
Another point is that everyone and his mom has an alt toon and just imagine all our rogues, rangers, druids, mages competing for the already extremely scarce (because of high demand) drops for warriors.
Of course this shouldn't be seen as a punishment for alts but as a reward to all our members main toons and at the same time as an incentive to actually level our alts and not just dump boatloads of them in our clan at around level 50-ish.

Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

Very insightful and thoughtful response Daruma.

Here is what I want to accomplish:

1st priority: Where the drop falls, it stays. If the person doesn't need or want it, they should first ask everyone there if they need it (this includes people that helped that are in a different clan) before giving to the bank. First priority should be if someone that was camping the monster or called out the monster needs the drop. (ie Dangerbro was camping falgren for a dragon, I got the dragon and I didn't need, so I gave to dangerbro). If noone in the group needs it , ask the clan if anyone needs. If no one does, then give it to the bank. Please don't give to bank if someone needs it who was at the fight or on when the drop fell.

YOU MUST BE PLAYING THE CHARECTER WHEN THE DROP FALLS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE ABOVE RULES. To avoid discrimination, it doesn't matter if it is a main or alt charecter. If the rules were different for mains or alts, people just wouldn't say they are an alt, which is counterproductive. If you are "dual devicing" the "main" charecter will have normal priority in the drop and the "alt" will have secondary priority. This means a duel deviced alt will not get the drop over a main present in the fight. However if the dual deviced main isn't in need of drops they can call thier alt to be the drop reciever before the monster is dead. Then the dual deviced alt would have the same priority as a main, but thier main will recieve secondary priority.

Also, if the drop goes to the bank (and was already offered to the group and the clan like it should) then alts get same priority as mains. Sure it may be easier to play an alt than a main but if someone wants to play an alt they shouldn't be punished. Level adjusted roll will determine who wins the drop as my original post lays out. This means a level 70 druid alt gets the same chance as a level 70 druid main. This would be especially fair if the lvl 70 alt played as much as the level 70 main, but as of now play time cannot be factored in because it is impossible to know.

2nd priority: Drops in the bank should be distributed fairly. Any subjective measures should be avoided. Subjective measures might be great (like participation amount ect.) but they just make distribution ripe for corruption. Therefore the measures should be objective and everyone should be able to see it like level for example.

Level should be taken into account.

However high levels shouldn't get everything. This is why the level adjusted roll I discussed in the original post should be followed.

presence at the fight should have already been taken into account before the item reaches the bank.

Leaders in the clan shall not get higher priority for drops above the rules stated above. Leading should be out of a heart to serve, not to get more loot.
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Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

mdimarco wrote:Criminal and Daruma: according to these rules, the ring that dropped did belong to Daruma. Sorry for the confusion and unclear rules during that time.

its still doesnt belong to him, if ur first priority (in this case Daruma) will always be ur first priority and always will get the druid drops, so why should other druid stay in the clan?
when it was the first drop (royal ring of nature breath) i asked it nicely but Daruma got it, ok no problem with that
but now, another drop that goes to him and no to other druids, why? so if hes the highest lvl druid in this clan hes the first priority in this clan? we always should lvl him? help him? give him drops?
in other clans if the drop goes to the bank, so ppl r waiting to get the drops, so he got drop first, so someone else should get it second, so hes the first and the second? even the fabled ring of earth was meant to go to him (if gencos wasnt stupid like daruma said) so first drop to him, second drop to him, third drop to him, it'll always be like that marcus, if u cant notice that so dont say that the drop belong to him
idc if its my alt or my main, u also said that if noone need the drop first, so it'll go to the bank, but i dont see in this case that noone asked for the drop, i told u at the whisper chat "can i have it? daruma got the royal ring so can i have this ring?"
u didnt listen and gave it to the bank (Daruma), and without asking or rolling like u told us to do, he just took it without asking
even that he said sorry, i asked for him to roll before he put it on him, he didnt even answer, just put it and then said "sorry"
the drop system should be fair, and mostly in this case cuz im never asking drops for warrior, not rems, not tabs, not anything for warrior, if theres a drop for meteoric im asking "is it for druid?" and if they say yes im asking this for free or to buy this, if its not i dont want this
so my druid, even if its my alt, hes my first priority when its about drops, i never asked for warrior drops
i always asked from the bank (mostly from Miah, u can ask him) "something new in the bank?" if he says "yes" im asking "anything for druid?" (or discs if i need them) and thats it, so thats why u need to do something about that, if u dont care so i'll just go the other clan with better drop system and Chief that care about this

anything else?
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Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

I see where criminal is coming from. I was already giving it to daruma when crim asked for it since daruma was the only druid there honestly I did think it was going to him. Also daruma just got lucky both these druid rings dropped in a group he was in. Thats it.

Sure daruma could have given one to criminal for his druid but as a chief I cant force that, I can only try to make fair rules so everybody is treated fairly and justly rewarded for their work. To do this first priority is person who drop lands on, second is others in group that need on that character, third priority is rest of clan that is on, and fourth is hold in bank and wait for someone who needs it.

I refuse to take the drop from someone who was there or on at the time and give to someone else who wasn't logged in ect. And people who need on their character they were on at the time have higher priority than an alt that you weren't playing at that time. How would it be if I made a warrior alt and always asked for warrior drops to give it? But if I level him up to participate in these groups, and am in the group when a warrior drop falls, I might be able to get it if the cards fall right. And if not there is always next time.
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Why play a class where skills cost more than other classes for same damage?
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Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

ShadowDemon wrote:Hey crim you sound like a little ***. Suck ot up its a drop. In a game. Cry about it. :)

well, if im sound like a little ***, so idk how to describe u, stfu and dont get involved, *** =]

well marcus, most of the clan r using alt main, and everyone r trying to lvl both of them (for example andew, 0andew0 is his main warrior and 1andrew1 is his alt, and he lvling both of them and gets drops for both of them)
also, our alt r the same like our main, they r both clan members, and they r both helpful, it doesnt matter if its my alt or my main, i can give my friend to play with my alt and he'll still be my alt, but his main, so he'll get drops or not?
even if its our main, alt, another alt, even if i have 1000 alts, if they r clan members they r all even, and as the rule says u need to help all of them
also u said that u need to do it fairly, and if u really want to do it fairly, so just check who gave stuff to bank and ppl and give him stuff that it'll be even
but u cant do this cuz u have ur drop system, and the drop system wasnt about alts or mains, its about that anyone can keep his own drop, so with the royal ring, it was rico's drop so its his decide what to do with it, but here u dont even notice what u did
it was ur drop right? u want to be fair and everyone in the clan will be even in the clan, but u giving something to ur generals first, then the guardains, then clansmen\recuits
so i dont see how its fair, and its ur problem daruma if u dont feel comfortable with that, when i said to u that im not comfortable with something u said thats its stupid, now do u see what i meant?
and i'll say it again, u said if noone in the group or clan need the drop (like u said "ty" that i asked everyone in the group and the clan about drop, and then gave it to u) and i told u that i need, something like ..... 5-6 times
even if u did give it to the bank, u said "roll for it", k i told daruma lets roll and he didnt listen or answer, he put this on him
and ShadowDemon, when gencosman didnt want to sell u the drop and he wanted to give it to Daruma, u cried like a lil baby,
*** =]
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