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Re: Do you have an alt account?

D0nk0 wrote:
Brenton100593 wrote:
D0nk0 wrote:I made two alts pre update.

My warrior was level 90 ish and got bored trying to keep levelling.
I haven't played on the alts since, so you can see the levels of them below.
When I hit level 140 I will start the warrior again.

I swear 99% of people who post in belenus aren't even from it :evil:

Want me to make an alt here?
I can do, any good clans for a rogue? I can be 100 in a few days if needed. :twisted:

Hey you can make a alt in rhiannon and look for me(:
Rhiannon -
MasterHealer - 124 - Druid
Kerridine - 120 - Mage
Clansmen of RaptureEve

Crom -
9000 - 77 - Rogue

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