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Re: Love for Alishia!

xMaori_RESPECT wrote:
BlackMamba wrote:Albino, based on your name can I assume ur an allblacks fan?

Err maybe, ehehe

cool, I'm currently a bandwagon fan after being introduced to rugby last year. well, thats until the US pulls off a miracle-on-ice-esque upset that gives me something to root for :)
Where's cooler on the list of the oldest CH players? I don't think hes officially called it quits yet, and I had a lengthy convo with him maybe 3 months ago and he claimed he was among the first downloaders of the game.
killingshadow: dont worry about it, there are plenty of nice people for you to befriend, and it's difficult to pop up on a high level's radar unless you're high level yourself and gain some respect. Until then, the sad truth is they'll think you're some "annoying noob"
Level 220 mage- InnerCircle of Rhiannon
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Re: Love for Alishia!

I can't agree MORE!!!
Ali is KIND, HELPFUL, GREAT personality, Always there when I ask her....
Oh...not to get off subject... But Poci, Frai, Scope, Kiy and all others is always helpful as well!!!
(sorry if I may of missed anyone!!) But you all are great ppl... ;)
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