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Re: Whos your favorite player?

Awe wrote:ooo you had 4 sentences grats!!!
your getting up!
and if your just commenting posts to blame people you can just leave forums...ty

Blame ppl? For what? In fact I really dont care about you and just found out theres a block option in here too :)
So i will sit back and enjoy not seeing any of ur no-saying posts from now on.
If u should post anything about me in the future ill tell u to look up my old posts from me to u. You will find all the answers there (still) :)
ByeBye Awesed.

Re: Whos your favorite player?

NightWight wrote:No offense Scope but I find this little drama to be the funniest **** ever! Please don't block him!! It's the whole reason (well...not the WHOLE reason) I even check the Belenus forums anymore! :P

You know its truuuuu-uue,
Eeeeervery-thiiing I dooooo,
I do it (pause) fooo-(hold it there for awhile bro - u doing great!) ooooooor (pause) yooooouuuuu (piano aaand fade out..)
He is hereby unblocked mate hehe

Awesed! Hit me with your Best shot! Bring ur little friends too! Hmmm ima make a new thread :)

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