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Re: Whos your favorite player?

That's ok then :)
Would be quicker to say who I don't like
" Napster"
Accusing me of stealing his ammy
Which isn't the case
I brought mine fair and square
Don't like people calling me a thief anyone on the game should know
I'm happy to help anyone who needs it

Re: Whos your favorite player?


Tryndamere (formerly Darkblaze lvl 61 was hacked, restarted as Wukong and got to 60, was hacked again, restarted as Tryndamere and is 61 again). Great guy, persistant and doesn't hold a grudge.


I would trust these players with anything.
Nerfed Mage ~140
Why play a class where skills cost more than other classes for same damage?
Why play a class with no auto attack?
Why play a class with 1/3 the armor?
Why play a caster?

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