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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

Muldar/Tadaah/Other OTM forum people im not familiar with, lock this thread??
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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

Sly Shadows wrote:Muldar/Tadaah/Other OTM forum people im not familiar with, lock this thread??

+1 Please lock it. It has gotten far away from my op.
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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

You mean it's far away from your narrative painting the whole server as trash and labeling a whole clan monsters and bullies? It's shouldn't be locked it should be deleted, u knew damn well what u were trying to do here and now it hasn't worked u claim derailment :lol:

Re: If you are considering Arawn...

LivingArawn wrote:Anyone considering transferring to Arawn...I would advise you to reconsider.

Arawn is a very active server, yes, and all the top bosses are killed almost immediately, however that is not all Arawn is. There is a very hostile atmosphere waiting for you, regardless of which clan you join. Now don’t misunderstand, I am not saying that everyone on Arawn is hostile, but the loudest voices, the ones with the most authority, and those who support them are generally awful people.

Over the past few months my clan and I have been the target of bullying from the dominant clan of Arawn. In that clan, everyone is told that I am an awful backstabber, a fake person, someone who creates alts only to gear them, and other such lovely things. As a result, people who do not even know me yell insults at me, anyone I recruit is told lies in an attempt to poach to the dominant clan, adds are dragged on us at bosses, and my clannies are unable to set foot in arena without being killed for my supposed wickedness.

As someone who spends my life working in the human resource field, I have experience handling difficult people and situations. I like to think I am patient. However, after years of witnessing the dominant clan of this server bullying anyone they decide should be painted as the enemy, I am fed up of it all. Many of these bullies who spend their days shouting immature insults and whispering lies are adults who should know better than to behave this way.

Generally there is a common trend to their behavior. A clan or group of people leave the dominant clan or compete against them. This is perceived as a threat, so the propaganda machine churns out a pile of lies regarding this new “enemy.” It does not matter if that group or clan had previously had a good relationship with the dominant clan, nor do previously held friendships count. You will be bullied until you A. Disappear B. Decide to bow to the dominant clan and join them.

I have been told to kill myself, been compared to a prostitute, called fake, worthless, a carrier of disease, heartless, selfish, greedy, and so much more...My leaders have been bullied based on pictures on outside apps, have been been subject to constant attempted poaching, and have received many of the same insults I have had to deal with. At this point, we have many on Arawn blocked, and we have been telling clannies to simply block anyone who insults them or tries to tell them lies regarding DS.

All of us in DS are working adults or students, with families and responsibilities out of game. We log in to have some fun, kill some bosses, and spend time with our clan family. We do not log for insults, drama, and a lack of good sportsmanship.

Anyone who is reading this and who is instantly driven to defend Arawn or the dominant clan as friendly, your lies are worn out and unimaginative, please keep out of this thread, and please leave my clan and I alone. We’re tired of the bs. If you hate us so much, keep it to yourselves. If we are as awful as you say, we won’t change as a result of your insults. If I am truly a terrible person, stop trying to poach my clannies, as you wouldn’t want people I think of as wonderful and helpful anyways-I recruit the dredge of humanity according to you after all. For those wondering whether the statements from the dominant clan about me or DS are true, spend some time with us and judge for yourself. Do not let rumours govern your views and how you behave.

I sincerely doubt any of the problem people will ever actually be permanently banned for their behavior, or that the attitude on Arawn will mysteriously change for the better, so I advise anyone considering Arawn to close this door, walk away, and find a nicer server.

Personally, I don’t know you, your contributions to your clan, your server, etc, but I do know that there most be reason behind everything. Now, I’m not saying you are a horrible person who makes up lies, and I’m also not saying that I’m siding with whoever hates you, but I’m currently saying that you must’ve done something to someone for all of this to happen. Problems don’t arise from the abyss for no reasons, (and if I’m wrong then please correct me) and with that being said there must be a reason why these people target you and your clan. I’ve played this game for about 6-7 years now and I’ve come to know that when people are disliked, they’ve done something to someone or groups of people. If you have, than apologize, that’s really the best you can do. If you haven’t, then send support screenshots, videos, etc of you being harrased (which is against the terms of service) and most likely they’ll be banned.
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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

Considering that the Chief of Res along with other res members have been temp banned for up to a month for abusive langauge, I do find it funny that he is dismissing the drama on Arawn. I was not planning to write on this thread but I have been reading res denying any drama, while in reality some of the things res say are in violation of my states HIB laws (HIB is harassment, intimidation, and bullying) [as provided for in section 16 of P.L2010, c. 122 (C. 18A:37-15.3)]

He’s one fry short of a happy meal when he calls me “the biggest piece of trash on the server”, one of his clan members called us “wanabe losers” while alleging that no one has proof of any drama - in the same post. I am looking through some screenshots right now, and I have been called a (female genitalia), been told to f off, and have been told to kill myself by res members. The chief of res has called me a scumbag, mrsh*tsalot (my main is mrhealzalot), has told me to f off, called me a f-boy, not to mention him making fun of winners of the special olympics...(all screenshotted). I think it is funny though that he pretends to admit to having only trash talked once..even though he did not admit what he actually said about this member..
(There have been many, many, many more slurs that I can not replicate on forums without being banned, and a bunch more of which I did not screenshot)

I am reading some of res’ responses to this post. They are denying that Resurgence killsteals DragonSouls while they are leveling, that they do not kill us in arena, that this drama that we allege is made up. Yet right now I am staring at a screenshot of the Chief of Resurgence saying “Well sounds like some DS in arena they gotta die cya :)” , staring at a screenshot of him saying “Didn’t know anyone owned mobs in this game”, ”you mean outlock?”,

The chief of res is trying to go after Living Arawn for being well geared on her alt(she passed on dl wep for her main), for having many event drops on her main (I have personally lent her some that I bought), and for gearing herself. What he is too ignorant to realize however is that every drop handed out is voted on by leaders, and they determined that she would be the most effective person to give it to. The chief of res also said so many mains in DS need: not more than 5, plus we did give out a dagger to a main at the same time.

But I find it funny that the chief if res is talking about well geared alts, while his alt has a void dagger(not allowed for alts in res), godly necro rings, an imperial ss helm(none attained using clan dkp system), “his brothers” ranger -which he uses now -has a bloodthorn set, void bow, edl set, and proteus braces and rings(proteus gear not allowed for clannies under 215 in res), he also has the account of an old time res member lvl 195 rogue, who is decked out with ss gear and gara rings, his frozen locker has 4 shadowstrike rings(double the amount that his clan has in their banks for clan members)despite only attending about .65 frozen bosses a day for 4 months, his 185 ish mage has some very good gear for its level and does not ever leave pyrus attends about .25 of a boss per day for 5 months..Now I am not in res anymore so I do not know about his attends there, but I do have screenshots of res attend spreadsheet that gave him 757.5 more attends than he actually earned..

We never called into question the strength of Res but res chief rambled on about it anyway. Who doesnt want to join a clan that kills gele slower than other servers with more people(means those people arent as well geared, meaning will be hard to get gear). I also see the chief of res cited a former DS member..misspelling their name twice. That is how much he knows his clan members lol, cant even spell their names right.

Before I left res(for similar reasons as livrenger) I had returned a bunch (not all, but a lot) of my druid gear. Almost 99% of people who leave res do not return their gear, yet instead of being appreciative that I returned anything, they harass DS that I kept about 12 ish items (so my accounts wouldnt be naked). When someone leaves res, which happens often, they will try to get leaders of other clans not to recruit them, and will be mad when another clan recruits them, as if they have control over who other clans recruit...When someone leaves, on their chats they spread rumors about them and since you aren’t allowed to defend those members publicly, the whole clan believes them. They form a clan stance against this person. You might keep some friends, but a bunch will stop talking and start trash talking.

Sure go join Res, but if you don’t blindly agree with what some leaders say, and aren’t willing to trash talk the 10 year old children of some of other clans members, or arent willing to wake up to 300+ messages of drama on res chat about someone leaving or wanting a drop and not getting it, then Res is not for you. If you want to kill an endgame boss and have a main with 15x or 150x the amount of dkp you have outbid you on a drop, join res. If you want a main to outbid you on a drop then only use it on their alt, join res. Not to mention regarding one of their generals as extremely qualified up until that general runs off with their banks...or people bragging about spending money on their lvl 130+ alts when it has warden and white ard...

I do appreciate Saber on forums saying that she stands up when it goes too far, but she is the chief of braves, and when I reported to her about a member trash talking DS (with screenshot), she did nothing, and that person is still in braves. As of late I have been helping some res and braves on bosses when they have lock- I have not recieved a single thank you, which really shows the character of some of them...(I did however get some trash talking for being at the boss). DS has tried to stop the drama and has been met with unwillingness from res, yet they accuse us of stirring the pot. When we outlocked them on a 200 6 mono(on news years day, about 30 min after the ball drop), they brought their whole clan to trash talk us in an attempt to distract us, not to mention they know that the more people that are in one spot, the laggier it gets.

Even on New Years day, Resurgence showed they were not willing to start a New Year.
(If anyone wants these screenshots, mail “mrhealzalot” in game on Arawn and I can send you chat info.)

Re: If you are considering Arawn...

So sad reading all this. I have friends all over, most of them within DS/Res. Over the last month here I have hardly been online both for in real life reasons, but also for this BS going on.

As a General in Res - I get to see all of the chats, the PMs, the screenshots, from both sides. Res is not clean at all when it comes to these issues, but nor is DS. I had HIGH hopes when DS and Res were working together. It was great seeing the server United for once. Working on common goals together. Now it is a toxic cesspool of lies, hurt, power, and name calling. So done with it.

I am more disappointed in Res and DS then I have ever been. To the point where it is easier to just play on my Alts in their own little clan (which is what I do for the most part now)

For $&@! Sakes. Get over it.
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Re: If you are considering Arawn...

Adding to this.

What good does this type of thread ever do for anyone? If you have screenshots, please PM an admin and report it. We hold zero tolerance for hate speech and bullying. We will take into consideration items said on third-party apps. You will not use our game as a platform to harass other people.

Now, some of you clearly need to be put in time out.

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