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Easy GOLD! - Buying


Fashion sets:
•Red and blue Stardust glen or non.
•Blue glistening sanghal
•Blue, turquoise and pink wyldwood (with effect or without).
•Blue hunter set.
•Red glistening sanghal top
•Turquoise glistening glove, strides and wig
•Turquoise stardust legs

•Royal shatter or pummel ring
•Sveltina page 1
•Stargem vit ammy
•Level 150 wyldshrine ammy of the mountain and brace


•Auroral fash pieces and sets (some are frostbreath)
•Darkrider sets( some are bloodlust)
•Orange lanrik (no hat)
•Level 190 event set (rogue one)


• Stargem strength ammy, brace and ring for vitality ones. (1:1)

PM ME or MOX ME Ty! :lol:
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