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Agreed. He was doing what the Arena was meant for. I couldn't phrase it correctly in my last post. He did what the arena was meant for so I was not affected. Why I couldn't defend him in forum was because of all the inaccuracies he had written in forum.


Smellyunder wrote:He is doing what the arena is meant for. So he did not mess with anyone.

Smelly, you and I both know that you don’t actually believe that. I saw Lonkar get temporarily kicked from Resurgence one day at the peak of one of those famous arena rages… the clan name just disappeared from above his head for a couple hours (or days, I don't exactly remember). I believe that was his discipline for such rampages, if not by you, then by another Resurgence guardian/general.

And if I am completely wrong about that, some of Lonkar’s previous actions in the arena are still inexcusable. Yes, the arena is a free PvP zone, but killing helpless low levels isn’t the behavior you would expect from one of the most powerful clans in the game.

To clarify, I’m not talking about killing gadinka or other people that actually attack Resurgence members. I’m referring to how Lonkar goes around killing people that are sometimes half his level for the stupidest reasons—and that includes simply being in a bad mood that day. I’ve seen him kill Braves and many other low levels that honestly didn’t do squat. Those people don’t deserve to lose out on that daily exp quest.

If you want to know might tarnish Resurgence's image, look no further than arena barbarians like Lonkar.

I understand that you might feel compelled to automatically defend your clan member, but sometimes you need to actually take a look at what Lonkar does in the arena. Keep in mind that he carries the Resurgence clan name over his head, so he (mis)represents everyone in that clan.

I have not been on Arawn for a while, so the Lonkar's behavior may or may not have changed. This is a criticism of the Lonkar of the past that I knew, not of the present. Hopefully, Lonkar has stopped killing innocent low levels for fun. And if he hasn't, I really hope that you can use your influence to make him stop.


To clarify, I have'nt been, nor ever will be booted from resurgence. Secondly, if I killed as much as you proclaim I do I would be number one in pvp kills. I'm not going to try and justify my actions to people who will never understand. And honestly I don't have to. OTM put the daily in the arena so you could get revenge on the people who messed with you in the game. And if I am doing something wrong ( like gadinka who casts spells from the safe zone ), then by all means report me to OTM and have me banned for X amount of time. :D


Lonk with his lies.......
He kills more people than not killing ...
I just cried one time about lonkar took my mobs ik my mistake Etc but IT WAS A YEAR AGO AND HALF!!!
I tried my best that he forgives me
Wanted give my threee drops to him ....
Were nice to him ....
But later he came and killed me AGAIN FOR NO REASN!!!
WHAT DID I DONE!!!! That he do worse
And btw lonk ty for trying ruining clan
YOUR SO ....
If a guy killed you you kill THE HUGE CLAN
Im sure if i join another clan like braves(which i cant do anyways)(becuz badmofo)
Lonk kills the full clan becuz one guy.......
If i were stronger then you old time i was.. I should kill you which i didnt done iwas rly dumb
Lonk if people were stronger then you and kill you too you would be rly angry too and i would say this same what you said
Killing your clan Etc killing your killian your life is ruined then too


Swan wrote:This is going to be a long explanation…
Lonkar wrote:Read in another post where I supposedly declared war on braves for outlocking stonechief. This is patently untrue. Was dominus who did that as I wasn't even at the battle. And for all of you who wanna blame me for the reason your leaving, all I gotta say is I must be doing my job right. They put the daily in the arena for a reason. There is not a single res player in the arena without protection. Why you ask ? Because believe it or not, there are nefarious players who love killing people doing glads. Not to say I haven't don't the same, but the people I kill all have deserved it. And if your one of em, look back on what you did to make me do the things I did. I help more people in the arena than I kill. You might find that ridiculous, but its true. And I am proud to be a member of the best clan in the entire game, not just on Arwan. And if anybody has any issues, I will eagerly await your presence in the arena where we can discuss our issues. Have a nice day :evil:

Where do I start? Ah yes, a couple months ago, back in BadaBing where I used to get killed every single time I walked in the arena to do my gladiator. What did I do to deserve this treatment from the ever-righteous Lonkar? Was it something I did myself? No, it was simply because a certain person was in my clan. :roll:

Fast forward to when I was in Braves… someone killed your ability training mobs and you decided to kill all Braves for a few days. Gotti and I couldn't kill you because we were too low leveled. You also started to permanently kill me alone because I tried to fight back.

Then skip to the moment when I hit level 150, got dragonlord gloves and a freeze skimmer. I now had enough firepower to kill you myself when you attacked me. This meant I could finally complete my daily gladiator quest, and you finally left me alone.

For the record, I have never killed any Resurgence member on their gladiator. I have never attacked any Resurgence member that has not attacked me first. I am not one of those "nefarious people who love killing people doing glads" (but I do know who you are referring to).

What I said above is true. Sure, you can deny it, claim that all these accusations are false, but I think you'll have a hard time convincing most Arawnians to believe a different story.

You can be proud to be a member of the best clan in the game—that's alright—but that clan ought to be downright ashamed to have a member like you. Doll (a forum user) recently commented how there were so many anti-Resurgence sentiments on Arawn, but not in other worlds with similar dominant clans. Well the way I see it, your rampages in the arena probably contribute the most to that negative image.

Pick up a dictionary, look up the word "bully," and you're definition #1. Had you not been in Resurgence, I would surely have applied to join instead of doing a world transfer to Crom.

Some people think I hate Resurgence. That is most definitely not true—it's a great clan with great people (generally speaking). The day Resurgence kicks you out is the day Resurgence gets my wholehearted respect.

This made my day.

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