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I quit

Maybe i quit.
Theres a girl who kills my clan becuz she says domi intro(res thinks they are one Person)
I never done her smt but one day she comes and kills my clan...
Res killed dominance later i told mendel i kicked domi which i rly done but INTRO._.reinvited
Later when they rejoined drama started again greeen killed us later she started to kill even me and domi intro....
So she said if you kill me ill get my clan haha(since shes in res she feels so cool)(i dont say res sucks i like res a lot)
The girl which i mean were one of my best freinds but since she joined res she werent the greeen who was my freind)
She told while i killed her she will post it that all res kill me
When i see it live that even my buddys of res kills me i quit and playing more ps3
Celtic heroes will be always in my hearth and i love this app when i got enough euroes ill buy finally plat and replaying
These weeks are my worst
And atm i got headache and im ill
I cant stand it to lose more more more res friends and so much argues
Btw: ty for telling my secret warrior... Its neymar and i remember old time when you were in bada
I said join res she said no i never join res res sucks
Now shes in.... I just think she wants dl and helps for arena and lux .....
But you cant give it up you rly said it... Why i didnt done pict aww....

Celtic heroes is forever in my hearth

Re: I quit

First post ineed 100% agree with u aggra.
Very good formoulated.
And yes ithink it gave me the rest, even ppl i showed my secret favourite place ingame killing me.
Iam very dissapointed of those and also of the ppl removing me of list after dumb lies came up.
Thanks to the ppl like Tixx always loyal and friendly.
Very kind.
CouchPotato 223 Rogue, Belenus

If you can't devide us, you can't conquer us.

Re: I quit

Genau. Es gibt nucht mehr viele freunde.
Es gibt leider keine fuer doe es zu bleiben sich lohnt.

Truely, there aint much friends anymore
Sadly there arent more for who to stay its worth it

Exept tixx he is worth it
CouchPotato 223 Rogue, Belenus

If you can't devide us, you can't conquer us.

Re: I quit

I agree in that point tixx is cool but the people who i used to hang out camp with etc now call me greedy ( two accounts in too clan ) but i dont even have 2 accs and tbh i wouldnt spend all my money on the game again just to reach 180 with one char and someone who i really thought was my friend trash talks me :/

There will never be space for a mad onion


Allthough i think its time to go and all but dont give your stuff away keep everything by you and be happy that you stop playing games like drugs
Every rpg kicked me out and im sick of them now i focuss on Battlefield 4 and the big battlefields !
(Feel free to 1-1 me on the battlefield)

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