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Re: First to get full darkflame set?

squidly wrote:
iJoin wrote:
DarKnight wrote:Nope I don't think so. Unless you just didn't make it public. I'm quite sure though wolf was the first, he aimed to be first on all servers but didn't make it, but he was first on arawn, shortly after I got the last piece I needed which were the boots. Then after that I'm not sure who it was.

No i think i was first on arawn. (buying like 3/5 drops)

Krypto generally has a good handle on v1/v2 history. Darkflame was a big deal at the time so I'm sure he has his facts right on this one.

I usually have a good memory.
Like when i had a player named nacy and said it was my sister then xellaya tried to give me 20k to see if i was Telling the truth and i didnt take.

Re: First to get full darkflame set?

Wolf wrote:
Legolas15 wrote:
Wolf wrote:This is a meaningful post.

Lmao i miss u wolf

<3 you Lego.

Lego never tells me he misses me :(:(:(

Wollff!!! :O
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