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Stealer's shop!

Thanks for the idea of making a shop EliteRanger:)


Selling alot of rems pm which ones need
Selling a Firefang ring (10 heat dmg)
Selling some yuletide hats some yellow suntones to!


Trading 40% staff pink lanrik boots and the firefang ring FOR hero boots or hero gloves or golden rujuv/ hero rujuv
Also trading purple hawk for yellow hawk!

PM me what u want or what u will trade!
In game name Stealer!

Re: Stealer's shop!


Crown frags
Oak frags
Moon frags
Sun frags


10 frost dmg charm
10 dmg firefang ring


Selling alot of rings
Like glass, crystal, and fabled also selling
The fingals cave rings.


Master mace of the grove


Bat masks
(Pm which ones ur lookin for or ill show u some and u pick them put)

Rems and tabs

Selling a ton of rems and tabs pm the
Ones u need!:)


Selling alot of fashion gear
(Mainly for head)


Trading 40% staff, dmg ring, some fashion items, pink lanrik boots, and some gold for Hero boots or gloves or heat dmg helm thats 50dmg it can be cold or magic to.
(Adding opal hood and removing the fashion items for the dmg helm!)

Pm offers or send me mail.
In-game name Stealer!!

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