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OMG about my 3rd day in Arawn

On my first day in Arawn I got a really good chief named siera she game me a 1K budget and stayed with her until I am lvl22
Second day I met a friend named Billywarrior and stayed in his clan till I'm lvl38
After lvl38 I joined a clan of a friend of mine named clumzie
Odejoy or something have a competition luckily I was beside him already and won 5 packs of energy sigils I used 3 and sold 2 so I got 20K left I bought all warrior skills even shield wall defensive thingy and I was enjoying it never going back to sulis
Darbarian60-lvl87 PvP warrior
Read my older posts if u wanna know best builds
IceDarb- lvl64 weak fire Mage he suck alot
So yeah old to this game new to forum
(Invincible vanquisher suckas xD)

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