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A recurring issue i have seen in arawn. Some people are not getting enough sleep. I know this game is fun and most people like playing it for ages. But many need to find a way to balance so they get enough sleep.

I may sound like a total loser saying this but I honestly don't care because getting the right amount of sleep is better than gaining that extra level. I will personally stress this issue as much as i can because I think sleep is important:P

Downsides of not getting enough sleep:
You have a higher chance of getting fat.
You can give yourself insomnia
You can destroy your sleeping patterns
If you are a teen or child you can stunt your development and growth
You get all kinds of nasty from not sleeping
No energy for the next day
And the biggest one for me is WRINKLES, if you want wrinkles and bags and crows feet on your face at age 20 then go ahead and don't sleep, but if you wanna have a young looking face at 20 sleep.

Amounts of sleep:
Sometimes if you sleep to much its also bad so you need to maintain the amount you get. For a child or a teenager you need at least 10-12 for adults its about 8-10 make sure you try and get these amounts or the closest you can get to them.

At what times should we sleep:
This sub-topic of sleep is difficult because many factors play into it. In an ideal world for a child you probably wanna sleep at 7pm and wake up at 7am for an adult maybe 9-10pm to 7-8am. For teenagers its more difficult because their brains will be set 2hours behind or ahead of everyone else but they still need that 10-12 hours of sleep. While saying this i understand that for many this will not be possible. Maybe because of work or other things that occur but i ask that you try your best.

Sleep patterns:
Sleep patterns are important to sleep and tie in with the time you sleep. Generally you feel sleepy at night and not in the day so for most your sleep pattern should be sleepy at night awake at day. Or sleepy when its dark awake when its bright. That would be a normal sleep pattern but some people can destroy the sleep pattern if you sleep at random times for random amounts of time your sleep patterns will be all over the place and this can lead to insomnia. You can change your sleep pattern say if you work at night and sleep during the day but you need to have regular sleep and same constant amounts of sleep at the same time every day for your sleep pattern to change properly. Again with teenagers their sleep patterns are already different because of how they are developing. Most teenagers have the sleeping patterns of an adult but need the amount of sleep a child needs. So alot of factors also play into sleep patterns. But just try to keep your sleep patterns normal and regular

That's basically all i wanted to say. Sleep well at normal times and blah blah blah... If you are reading this and its like 5am go to bed now.
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Re: Sleep!

Im almost ready to copy and paste that on a neurological website or publish it in some health magazine:)
Thanks Omorfos, I personally know some people in game who need to see this (ahem Bradley95 *cough cough)
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Re: Sleep!

Deathsbank wrote:Some ppl need to camp dl bosses 24/7 to even have a 0.01% chance of geting a single yellow egg in the next 2-3 months.

See your issue but sleep is more important. Sleep is real life and the down sides of not sleeping are also real life. Getting some drop in a game is not real life. It's a game, if you don't get an egg i doubt it will really have consequences in real life, how ever not sleeping properly has consequences in real life, some on them can be major
Therefore sleeping out weighs camping for a boss by a long shot
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Re: Sleep!

Deathsbank wrote:Some ppl need to camp dl bosses 24/7 to even have a 0.01% chance of geting a single yellow egg in the next 2-3 months.

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