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Garage sale

Feel free to post offers or complaints


Lesser ES birch ring
Lesser MS willow ring


Greater/Lesser solstice blackthorn neck
Greater/Lesser MS blackthorn
Heroic ammy of rejuv


Magical charm of claws (ranger)


Royal/major wyrmfang brace
Imperial/minor wyrmscale brace
Major/minor wyrmtail brace
Royal/major/minor wyrmclaw brace
Greater/lesser ES oak brace
Lesser solstice yew brace
Greater/lesser MS yew brace


Imperial/grand/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of the cosmos

mystic/minor brace of the blade

royal/majestic/grand/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of the meteor

mighty/grand/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of venom

grand/greater/mystic/lesser brace of the comet

grand/mystic brace of the talon

Greater brace of impact


majestic/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of embers

majestic/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of bone

grand/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of the shield

mighty/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of stone

Imperial/royal/mighty/grand/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of light

royal/mighty/grand/greater/mystic/lesser/minor brace of ice

grand/mystic/lesser brace of serpents


Ancient spear
Askold's dirk/bow/totem/staff
Battlemist diamond pike
Yulestave 2011
Sunflower wand 2012
Rod of blessings
Spiked devastator
Bolt thrower
Hunters hound
Faerie bow of fire/snow/storms/tempests
Faerie pike of blizzards/storms/snow/flames
Faerie icon of storms/snow
Festive sled
Wanderers black carpet
Bow of the icelord
Stave of bolts 2012
Master staff of stars
Ymir bow
Grand cane of bats
Wall of eternity
*silver rod of flames* (only one in arawn)


Greater fur helm of the forest wind
Fur helm of the howling moon
Mighty fur helm of the raging beast
Mighty fur helm of the frozen wastes
Witch hat 2011
Snowman head 2011
Greater MS hood
Sinister mask of midnight/shadows/terror/darkness
Fanged mask of midnight/shadows/terror/darkness
Malevolent mask of midnight/shadows/terror/darkness


Greater MS jerkin


Greater MS legs


Greater/Lesser MS gloves
Lesser ES gauntlets


Greater solstice boots


Black wraith charm
Skeleton servant charm
Zombie charm
Carrion lord charm
Flaming skeleton warrior charm
Skeleton champion charm
Skeleton warrior charm
Sparkling white faerie queen charm


Yuletide hat 2012
Snowman head 2012
Black/blue/tartan ballgown
Green suit
Green smugglers coat
Red smugglers shoes
Black dance shoes
Black/green/red/yellow/orange/blue/pink/Yuletide helpers hats
Black dress gloves
Black/red coven top/bottom/gloves/boots
White coven top/bottom
Red/orange/turquoise mask of lugh

Re: Garage sale

Might sound like a noob but wat does ms stand for?
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Re: Garage sale

If you see me (medieval) in game, shoot me a pm, I'd like to check some of that stuff out :p
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