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Re: Scammers Galore in Arawn

*Removed* is an account scammer and tried to scam my account and he says that im a scammer and i scammer a pict charm wich i bought for 5k(ripoff) from sironamag and he says that he got pics and posting on forums and hes lien(such a bad liar and scammer and a liar).
Btw u got me in the last part about scamming innocent trusting kids(its me)

Re: Scammers Galore in Arawn

Okay mate lets get this straight. 1 you claimed 3 seperate things first you had proof, then you deleted it, then it bugged, then you deleted the pictures ? Everyone knows your a compulsive lier ? You have 1 level 12 to back you up. Like I've said get proof till then ill be on my warrior (: btw stop stalking me everytime I do something I hear you ***

Re: Scammers Galore in Arawn

I only lend things to people I personally know in real life, and only items I can afford to buy another one of.

But you never know who you can trust so avoiding lending at all is wise.

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