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Arawn - Looking for a guild!

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:42 pm
by Traitor
Greetings Celtic Heroes Community,
I recently picked up the game and I was wondering if any guild would have me? I’ve played many MMOs over the years, and I understand that the only way to progress as a player base is by teaming up and working together. I’m more than willing to be a reliable player and be there for raids (If that’s what they’re called here). So far I’m working on the story line and am just following the arrows at this point.
On another note, I have questions about the game.
1) Does the server communicate via discord?
2) What is the best use for the valuable currency platinum?
3) What is the best way to earn gold?
4) Where can I learn about the player based economy?

Re: Arawn - Looking for a guild!

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 12:47 pm
by DarKnight
I’ve seen dead fish that are more alive than this game. If you really wanna put the time and energy into an MMO this isn’t the one trust me, game has absolutely no support from the Dev team any longer and I would assume servers will shut down within the next 5 years and that’s being extremely optimistic