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Re: Old Celtic Heroes Footage, Hey Smellyunder there you are!

DarKnight wrote:https://youtu.be/hREQ9R7UBJk

I was looking through my old YouTube videos and came across this specific video, breaks my heart hearing that song and remembering the good old days. The nostalgia just takes over. Will forever miss those great days from before. Although you and I weren’t always the best of friends Smelly it’s cool to know you’re still active, there you are at 1:40 back in 2011, crazy to think it’s been 8 years! Cheers to all Arawnians.

Seen Vinci and Dylans name there to, Vinci was a tough guy in my eyes lol. Wish we could go back to the social aspect the game had back then, it's a shame people have turned more to a solo game style now.

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