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Re: My peeps

Very nice to meet you Ridd and good to hear your doing good, Ty for the reply And hey bake long time no see. I went on CH and ye lots of stuff changed. It looks more polished but, not many old players, play anymore. Which kinda sucks but, I saw it coming. Hope you keep enjoying the game :D and hope ...

My peeps

Yo what's good Rosmerta, how's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well and still enjoying the game in their own unique way. Just came to say all is well for me still and I've been doing well so far. I have graduated from college and currently still looking for a job sadly lol. Hope to see your...

Re: Tower leveling

Foool wrote:Thats because people who experienced the camping fest that was carrow are in no rush to do that all over again. Nothing new and otm seem to not care.

I think they do care just,,,, they are very slow at making new content and ppl just quit after a while

Re: Tower leveling

Like 4 or 5 people have quit since update on Danu ._. That's it? Try loosing 30 of your top players in your clan.... IMO they should of added extra 10 lvls only. But I don't think ppl quit because of the lvling... They quit cause of the ridiculous rare loot.... Majority hit max lvl in update 4 and ...

Re: EDL Druid offhand

Mage,Druid,warrior wep pretty much useless against skulls, books and halberds,,,, only ranger/rogue wep useful... Idk man that warrior Edl shield is lookin pretty good right now My mistake I wasn't specific enough I was talking about weps to smelly... Dl offhands are badass and supposedly they got ...

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