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Moss' sale

Hey, im selling the following items. Obo=or best offer Master twisted wand, adds focus and shards 50k obo Superiir flame wand, proc chance for -300 fire resist 50k obo Black winterstaves 15k Oranger sb candycane 30k Discs for normal prices Galar stuff 7k each Kron stuff 20k each Ton of skill rings, ...

Re: A little transfer from lugh to herne

Hello Paggasquid, My clan TheForce has a little flexible level req, we mainly have 150+ players but also some lower levels. We don't use dicing-system for bosses because we don't want people to hoard drops, like a mage rolls 100 and wins a rogue drop. We try to make as much use out of every drop as ...

Introducing me!

Hello everyone,

I am Mossbumblebee from Herne, level 167 rogue, who has played since Samhain 2013.
I've been watching this forum for quite a while, but now i finally made my own account. :D


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