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Re: best/worst fights

Also it wouldnt be pure titanium because he gets hit with bullets and the titanic broke from hitting a still block of ice. It would have to be an alloy that has a stronger metal combined in with it. Most likely nickel which is magnetic. I hope you're just joking around or do you really think the Ti...

Re: is this true?

Do you know the missing flight and the crashing flight QZ8501, MH370 and MH17 add up to 8888? (8501+370+17) that's mean in the Chinese year new there will be another biggest flight accidents in Malaysia airlines so do not take Malaysia flight in the Chinese new year. You will never know which time ...

Re: Is my rogue ok?

MrCxC wrote:For lvling it looks pretty good BUT change ur skills a lil bit. Drop Dbl and sneaky, and go with LS and reflex ! And maybe switch dagger for axe. (<-- This is for LVLING!)

Do you mean: switch dagger of bounty for axe of conquest? If so, i already use Conquest axe :)

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