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Re: Grand Sneaky! :D

XxDiabloxX wrote:
eda wrote:
Mossbumblebee wrote:A grand ring of pugilism and a grand ring of medicine.
What is life...

Shh nub ._. Best drop i gotten from ow bosses (not aggy) been royal poison wep ._. Accidently sold to shop :(

That sux, you can ask otm to get it back tho

Unless it's too long ago.

Re: Most EXP earned?

I think the most xp was 320k-ish xp on heroic knowledge in a duo-group. Don't really wanna go off topic, but what level would you reach if you were level 1 and you killed a wise wyrm on heroic knowledge elixir+double xp weekend+the 20% more xp charm from king vorum applied. I guess it could get you ...

Re: Kill meh

Curry30423 wrote:Halp meh plz guld I are poor Halp meh noob. U high level u mast b Ritch so Halp meh or I report... That's what I often get spammed by noobs._.

But you don't even play nub :3

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