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Buying and selling

Godly shillegah of brath - 75k
Sparkling 3rd rarest shillegah - 40k
Icecrystal band of the noble (75 vit + resistances, evasions) - 500k
2013 party crowns and canes - Ask for prices in game

Midnight ammy - 500k

Thats all for now. Contact or pm me ingame at xGAYLORDx

Lvl 124 hybrid build

Hi im looking for help on 124 hybrid build. My stats are (with buffs) Str : 410 Dex: 5 Foc : 55 Vit: 475 Skills: Shatter 34/30 Gs 25/30 Dbl atk 23/30 Proc stance 25/30 Bndge Wounds 25/30 (not dropping) Jewlery: Neck: Talisman of earth Charm: Lvl 100 bladelead (30 vit 50 atk) Wrists: Brace of spirits...

xGAYLORDx's wares

xGAYLORDx's shop ------------------------------- Buying: 2 mind tablets of slate - 10k ea Frost orbs - 5k ea 1 Red crest of the serpent -7.5k ------------------------------- Selling: Combos - 10k ea Talisman of the stars - 275k Haste ring - 300k Bracelet of spirits - 140k Connact Magus Gloves - Offe...

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