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Re: Nobody can log

Tara doesn't have this problem because we have such a small server a mass amount of people logging in at once is not really a problem unless plus3 is coming :lol: Lol pimbso. Don't discount Taranis, we actually have the most "active" end game toons (215+) of any server. (Active as defined...

Re: Fishing Help

What Level Pools Have You Had The Most Lucky At Getting Rings, Nodens, And Crumbling Items? I Just started and am only Lvl 21 but have been farming in the low level pools because it's easier to keep concentration. Have got one ring 2 nodens and a crumbling item so far. In my experience relics and r...

Rusty Lockbox

Hi guys, i was wondering what's the best thing you have gotten from a Rusty Lockbox. I have heard tales of people getting 330 platinum from one on my server! That's crazy. I want to know what the maximum prize you can get is and if anyone has gotten it. Cheers 8-)

Re: Hybrid Build

What i do is use Shatter pummel bash defensive form and frenzy that way it's a decent balance of dps along with the defensive side and bash.
Stats i go to 11k hp and then rest into str, not sure why i picked 11k but it is a nice number to me:lol:

Re: Druid power

At that time I had a: Skain stonebark ammy Royal silverweb charm of earth Grand necral rings of corruption X3 Royal augurs ring of the sierra (+1 Swarm) Royal augurs circlet of the sierra (Nat touch one) Royal necral band of storm touch Full EDL armour EDL totem DL offhand Level 3 Golden Rabbit I w...

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