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Resurgence & Blaze

What's the go with Blaze and Resurgence? Why are they rivals is it because they are top clans that want bosses? That's fine who doesn't like a little competition but is there stuff that either clan do to make each other rivals? I saw someone from Res repeatedly killing Blaze and some other clan in a...

Re: 1m giveaway!

Loco cola wrote:
PixelRage wrote:say??hi?i?like?pie??responding?to?this?post?for?a?free?spectral?talisman?of?midnight??haloween??have?found

Send me a pm for prize im playing archeage

surely will

Re: Beta Gifts

KingRaaa wrote:Do unity testers get rewards? Eg closed Android beta... ios open beta

this is the question i have been asking and still haven't gotten a proper response

Re: hey:)

Gweana wrote:Atm in items, but i can sell alot of it verry soon

i have some lux in crom that we can transfer if you want

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