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Re: Windows 7 HILP!!

Loco cola wrote:When it opens in notepad copy and paste the coding in here. I'll b able to tell u how to save it from there

but i've already done it i don't need it anymore

Re: Windows 7 HILP!!

pigman wrote:Right click on it and select open with and choose the program you want to run it with

Already tried that but i need it as a compressed file i don't need to open it with anything. I have also downloaded 7Zip recently when the modded puts the link back up I'll see if it works then

Re: How to talk to a girl?

Ask her if she lifts I don't know why I laughed at this one :p In meeting my bf I tripped looking at him from a far. He walked over asked if I was alright then said, "I see you're falling for me already". I told him, "That was corny, is that your best pick up line? :/ In conversation...

Re: How to talk to a girl?

Mix around 20-25 pounds of chill pill in her next drink. I like your way. You must really have a way with the chicky babes Actually me and my friends decided that would be our senior prank in 2 years._. Mix chill pill In all the teachers drinks._. That's not a prank. That's assault. Pretty much the...

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