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Re: Why are some servers more successful than others?

Why? It took lir like two years or so to down gelebron but arawn did it within months. One of the highest levels in the game is on android and android had more kills than some iOS servers so saying they're newer isn't that great of an excuse, especially looking at donn and fingal who have done gele...

Re: Bunny or Boar at endgame tanking

I think the bunny skill alone outclasses the stats of the boar. Imo the heal makes you more sustainable than the vit and def boost. Depends on the situation. A large clan like Resurgence or Avalon has the numbers and gear to keep the tank alive very easily at all encounters without restos and bunny...

1-220 from scratch

Looking for one or two people willing to do this with me. I will be playing a full support druid, we will just level straight from level 1-220 in as long as it takes us (time in between of course) You can buy some basic lux, but if you come to me with full lux sets for every 50 levels, I'm turning y...

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