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ok here is the story i was fighting a boss and after i got a tigers eye and i told everybody it was junk and worth nothing and this well known scammer traded me and i showed the items to him and i did make it clear these items were junk and worth nothing and he gives me 11,000 gold FREELY i DID NOT ...

Sword of battle

I would like to buy a sword of battle the one that looks like a falcon but it's an offhanded weapon if you have one for sale please post the price here.

Switching items to different accounts

I help any player switch items to their other accounts freely if you wish To pay me that is up to you I do NOT scam and not have I any scamming history I'm on almost 24/7 and if you need help getting items to other accounts I am always available I enjoy helping others in what way I can, look me up m...

Re: boss killing

yeah i agree like sometimes i will ask help with a boss for a quest and i will shout for it and they will totally forget about the person that was asking for help and kill it and keep the items that you need. :evil: :evil:

Re: Beggers

3,000 hitpoints and 800 damage is possible?? I am almost halfway there hah. :shock: :shock:

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